Procuratorate filed a public prosecution for the Song Liang, the original Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee

  On October 8th, the high inspection WeChat public number news, the deputy secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government for Deputy Secretary, Deputy Governor Song Liang is suspected of accepting bribes, and the national monitoring committee is ended, and it is specified by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Sichuan Leshan Municipal People’s Procuratorate reviewed prosecution. Recently, Leshan Municipal People’s Procuratorate has filed a public prosecution to the Leshan Intermediate People’s Court.

  The procuratorial organ inventor in the review of the prosecution, inform the defendant Song Liang, the defendant’s Songliang, and I heard the opinion of the defender.

The prosecutor’s prosecution: the defendant Song Liang used deputy director of the Government Office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, deputy director, Director, Director, Director, Director of the Autonomous Region Government Finance Office, Director, Director of the Autonomous Region, Secretary of the Wuhai Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Tongliao Municipal Party Committee Secretary, the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government Party Committee, the Vice Governments, etc. For others, they will take care of themselves, illegally accepting the property of others, the amount is very huge, and the criminal responsibility should be investigated in accordance with the law.

Precision docking, build a new platform

The General Assembly issued the "Hebei Province Production Society and Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award", a total of 46 winning projects (units, individuals). Organize a series of precision docking activities, nearly 400 industrial enterprises and college research institutes have completed the contract, 20 corporate representatives of specializing industries and colleges and scientific research institutes Signed a Signing of Hebei Daily News (Reporter Dai Shazhi) October 21 On the 22nd, the 3rd Hebei Provincial School of Production and Research Cooperation Innovation Conference in "Political Industry Research and Co-Quality Development" and the Cangzhou Industrial Enterprise and University and Research Institutions Cooperation Conference in Zhangzhou International The conference center was held. The conference was jointly hosted by the Cangzhou Municipal People’s Government and the Hebei Provincial Department of Research and Research, and aims to actively build a government-oriented, enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, enterprises and enterprises, and build a deep integration technological innovation of industrial research. The system, promoting the results of colleges and research institutes in enterprise transfer transformation, enhancing the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, achieving scientific and technological innovation, helping economic high-quality development, providing new movements to the transformation of the province and Zhangzhou enterprises to create new engines.

The main contents of the General Assembly include opening ceremony, awards, and signing ceremonies, theme speeches, characteristic docking meetings, Cangzhou high-tech results exhibitions and university research institutions.

This Assembly also issued the "Hebei Province Production Society and Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Award", the award is the year and individual who makes outstanding contributions to the promotion of production and research cooperation and innovation. It is currently designed for the year of production. The only honorary award is awarded 46 winning projects (units, individuals).

Hosting the cooperation between Cangzhou Industrial Enterprises and University and Research Institutions, Biomedical Production and Cooperation and School-Enterprise Cooperation, Sanzhou Enterprises and Enterprise Cooperation, which sets a platform for face-to-face communication for Cangzhou Enterprises. Industrial research cooperation is an important and effective form of technological innovation activities, which is a key link in innovative driving development strategy. In the practice of production and research cooperation, enterprises, colleges and scientific research institutions have passed information, resource sharing, and achieving advantages, stimulating innovative potential, greatly enhanced innovation and transformation into productivity. The ability level and speed. At present, it is in a historical window period and a strategic opportunity period. It is also in the key stage of transformation and upgrading, climbing crossing, strengthens the cooperation of production and research, and increases talents, and accelerates scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation to accelerate high quality development. Significance. In recent years, Zhangzhou City adheres to the complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of the concept of new development, in-depth implementation of innovative drive strategy, and building a deep integration of industrial research and research, the annual growth rate of the annual growth rate of the whole society, the scientific and technological progress contribution rate increases a percentage point, High quality leaping development and throductive power and vitality.

Cangzhou City and the county (city, district) government undergoes a large strength to promote the integration of production and research, combined with the actual development of the Cangzhou industry, organize a series of precision docking activities, nearly 400 industrial enterprises and the university research institutes have completed signing, specializes in industries The collection of 20 corporate representatives of the cluster is signed on the spot of the universities and research institutes. The 10th Party Congress held in the city in August this year, comprehensively painted the grand blueprint of Changzhou’s future five years, highlighting the "five major paths" of the "five major paths" in the "five major paths" of the "five major paths" of the beautiful Cangzhou, the "five major paths" of the "five paths" of the "five major paths" of the beautiful Cangzhou in the next five years. . Cangzhou City will take this conference as an opportunity to further strengthen multi-level, universities and research institutions, cooperate with various fields, and accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and industrial depth, in order to promote industry improvement and efficiency, industrial transformation Upgrade provides new movements.

Presidente Chinês Recebe Título de Doutor Honoris Causa Pela Universidade de So Petersburgo

(Xinhua / LiTao) SoPetersburgo, Rússia, 6jun (Xinhua) – Opresidentechinês, XiJinping, recebeunestaquinta-feiraotí, VladimirPutin, í, osdoischefesdeEstadoentraramjuntosnoauditório, ondeforamrecebidospelosmembrosdocorpodocente, rsidade, Xidissesesentirhonradoemreceberotí, disseele, éumainstituioacadêmicaderenomemundialconsagradapelotempoquedeucontribuiesnotáveisparaodesenvolvimentocientífico, culturaleeducacionalnaRússiaeemtodoomundo, etambémproduziumuitossinologistasquesedestacaramnalíéumamaneiraimportanteparamelhoraracompreensoeaamizadedaspessoas, disseXi, observandoqueosestreitosintercambiosecooperaodauniversidadecomseuscolegaschinesespromoveramaculturachinesanaRúítulodedoutorhonoriscausapelaUniversidadeTsinghuaaopresidentePutinemabril, XidissequeaUniversidadeTsinghuaeaUniversidadeEstadualdeSoPetersburgo, almamaterdeles SoExcelentesdeensNosderioriornachinanarúítulaoscheFESDeestadoateStaoseStreoscuraisentreosdoisladeschinaschina -Rússia, ísesexpandamconstantementeosintercambioseacooperaoeducacionais, promovamsuasculturaseaprendamumcomooutro, áriodoestabelecimentodoslaosdiplomáticosentreaChinaeaRússia, esuasrelaesentraramemumanovaera, hina-Rússia, XipediuqueasgeraesjovensdeambosospaísesassumamcorajosamentesuasresponsabilidadesetrabalhemjuntasparacontribuirparaodesenvolvimentodaparceriadecoordenaoestratégicaabrangenteChina-Rúéns, PutindisseestarhonradoporXidasrelaesRússia-China, lanouumasériedeiniciativasimportantessobreasrelaesinternacionaisefezesforospessoaisparapromoveraimplementao, dissePutin, observandoqueapropostadeXêmicasrussasdealtonível, incluindoaUniversidadeEstadualdeSoPetersburgo, realizaramintercambiosecooperaofrutíferoscomapartechinesa, eoprofundoentendimentomútuoestádestinadoapromoveraindamaisasrelaesbilaterais, ósacerimniadecondecorao,EstudantesrussosechineseSpresenteramosdoischefesdeestadocompinturasàódestaMbéánarússiaaconvitedeputinparaumavisitadestadoeParaparticipardo23ofórumeConterialConternacionalDesopetersburgo ..

Pingdingshan Starbow Street: Two focus on the practice of "I do practical things for the masses"

  Since the study of the study and education of the party history, the streets should be based on the actual situation, and the students who promote the grassroots work are organically combined. From the most difficult people, from the most prominent questions, start from the most realistic benefits, solid development "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and sense of security. The focus of focus of focus project strengthens service to help development as a starting person, relying on pre-service, attacking hard, and actively implementing the "service project promotion" action. The four-year fixed asset investment key project will be refined, and the main leadership should be established, and the leadership of the leadership shall be involved, the work mechanisms of the village party members. Require responsible persons at all levels to deepen the project site, find the entry point and power point of the service and the construction of the project, and accurately grasp the overall planning, investment volume, construction progress, difficult problem, etc. To track, close to the service, effectively play the role of grassroots party organizations in project construction, party members’ pioneering model and party members and cadres, with high quality service boost projects to land. Focus on the integrity of the conflict of conflict, the stabilization of the confidentiality, the highlights of the "riot", and the 9 letters and visits hosted by the Demonstration District Letters and Turning Office are focused on "resolve the stability" action. Through large investigations, large visit, big resolution, general supervision, comprehensive use of multiple means, according to law, according to law. For difficult cases, more time span, more difficult cases involving people, policy-strong, timely research, coordination, diverting interpretation, etc. Strong, contradictory issues, repetition and petitions, and realize the total number of petitions in the jurisdiction, the new era of new era of new era, and the comprehensive improvement of the satisfaction of the masses.

(Source: Henan Pingdingshan City Demonstration Zone Management Committee website) (Editor: Jiang Fruit, Huangsha).

Ping Dam: Pueraria in the deep processing extension industry chain "Body of the Box" turns "get rich"

In recent years, the Pingba District has revisited the implementation of rural resolution strategies, vigorously adjusts the agricultural industrial structure, and develops Pueraria Medications in China. A set of finishing production technology and production equipment, which increases the added value of Gegen to several thousand, achieving good economic benefits and social benefits.

Granulation, packaging, labeling, packing, recent, author saw the processing workshop of the Ping Dar District Court Ecological Chinese Pharmaceutical Planting Association, workers are busy processing Pueraria Tea and Gegen powder.

Gegen contains more than ten kinds of amino acids and more than ten kinds of trace elements required by the human body. The market prospect is broad.

Zhang Jinhua, graduated from the Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, due to the love of traditional Chinese medicine professional, in August 2013, Puerarial cultivation and planting the land of 1200 mu of local villagers in the Village of the University. "Our family ancestors are learning Chinese medicine Chinese medicine. The ecological environment of the cross townships is better, altitude, soil, climate is suitable for Gegen planting, the first year, the number of production per mu can reach 3000-4000 catties.

"Zhang Jinhua decided to expand the scale of planting, set up Guizhou Zeng Food Co., Ltd., driving local farmers to develop Gegen planting, 80% of farmers in 2014, planting Gegen, which have a lot of settlement of poverty households. And in 2016 With the support and help of Pingba Science Association, the Chinese Pharmaceutical Planting Association has been established, and the "Farmers + Company + Association" method is taken, and the hand hand has a high-yield cultivation technology, and orders are implemented, and the insurance recycling.

"From 2013 to 2020 for seven years to develop Gegen planting, the maximum year planting scale reached more than 11,000 mu, regardless of the market quotes, Zhang Jinhua adheres to farmers to acquire 3 to 3 6 per kilogram, increased local farmers. Revenue, helping to take off the poverty.

"Tian Hong, chairman of Pingba Science and Technology, said. Since the freshness of Pueraria in recent years is not very high, it is difficult to sell a good price. In this regard, I would like to pay attention to the aim of farmhold, Zhang Jinhua acquired Pueraria in the hands of farmers. When the stock is up to 2200 tons, in order to facilitate storage, it can only be machined into puerarid particles.

Want to increase the benefits, improve the economic added value of Gegen, must work hard from finishing, so he began to study the finishing technology of Gegen, through technological innovation and equipment transformation, finally successfully produced Puerarin powder in February this year. Gegen tea, Geng roots, according to market demand, currently produce Gegen Powder and Pueraria Tea, where Pueraria’s wholesale price can be sold to 80 yuan, which is realized in economic benefits.

"We use Taobao, spell, spending a lot, raw broadcast and other sales methods, products are sold to Guangzhou, Hainan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc., Jiangxi market has also been opened this month.

Since we grow the Pueraria growth cycle for two years, the content of drug components is high, the quality is good, and the love and praise of customers. "Zhang Jinhua said.

After in February this year, it has been put into the production of Gegen Powder and Gegen tea. As of now, it has used Pueraria raw materials to more than 80 tons, expanded the industrial chain, and more than 500 tons of Pueraria granules in the warehouse becomes "get rich".

The finishing will not only enrich the Gegen products, but also ensure the stability of the industry, but also driven local employment.

"At present, there are more than 10 workers in the processing workshop, and more than 30 salespersons." Zhang Jinhua said.

Peng Xianmei, who lives in Gulou Street, Chengbei Village, from this year, to the Gegen Processing workshop to granulate the granulation, about 3,000 yuan per month.

"It is easy to take care of the doll and the elderly in the home, and can learn technology.

"She said happily.

Zhang Jinhua told the author. At present, they currently examine the market market, broaden sales channels, understand market demand, and next to start the production of Gegen noodles.

(Luo Xiuhua) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Processor restored the whole process of "Nine Two Consensus" (especially concerned)

  "Nine Two Consensus" is a historical fact that Beijing Joint Taiwan Research President, Tang Shu prepares for the executive Vice President of the Maritime Association, and the origin of "Nine-two consensus" is that the two sides of the private group transaction will be opened. It is necessary to have a clear political consensus.

From the beginning of 1992 to early December, through the efforts of cross-strait supervisors and the Hong Kong Talks, and the several Chinese compartments of the mainland Maritime Association and the Taiwan Sea Shuihui, the two sides finally formed two sessions on each other in verbally expressing the "Straits The consensus of the principle of China, that is, "Jiuyi Concentures".

  In 1992, he served as Qiu Jinyi and Li Qingping, the deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Sea Shuihui, also confirmed the statement of Tangshi Preparation at the seminar in Beijing.

Qiu Jinyi also mentioned that the "Nine-two Consensus" has been a strong assistance of Ma Ying-Jiu, a deputy host member of the "Lu Commission".

  The leader of the Taiwan authorities, Ma Ying 9, attended the island to commemorate the "Nine-two Consensus", in the 20th anniversary of the "Nine Two Consensus", to the position of the witnesses, detailed the "Nine-two consensus" process, he and many times Emphasize that the "Nine-two consensus" complies with the "one China" meanings proposed by the "National Chamber of" National Committee on 1 August 1992. The above pro-experience confirmed that the emergence of "Jiuyi" is not coming, but white paper is black, there is a letter transfer, and the letter will be quoted once.

Ma Ying-jei also recalled that in 2000, I used the "Regional Committee of the Main Committee" to describe the 1992 consensus with the "Nine-two consensus", but some people say that "Jiu Two Consensus" is the foundation, In fact, he just gave a name for the consensus of the year, and the two sides did reach a consensus, and it was never fabricated.

  "Nine-two consensus" reflects the "Nine-two Consensus", the essence of "Nine-two Consensus" is to commit "adhere to a Chinese principle" on both sides, although both parties have different cognitive cognitions, "Jiu two consensus "On the one hand, it has maintained the most basic national identity on both sides, and on the other hand, the political differences between the two sides on a Chinese meaning.

It is a great encouragement for the "two China", "one middle one" and "Taiwan independence" political forces, and the huge encouragement of all the Chinese people who are looking forward to the coming of the two sides and the rejuvenation. In fact, "Jiu Second Consensus" itself fully reflects the highly political wisdom of both sides of the strait, reaching a consensus, and the Chinese people in the two sides of the strait in handling important political innovations in the process of cross-strait issues. Xinqi, Vice President of the Chinese Cultural Development Promotion Association, said that "Jiuyi" is the beneficial results of the official authorization groups on both sides of the strait. It is the crystallization of the two sides of the same deposits.

It is because there is a "Nine-two consensus" to persistence and the pursuit of the principle of the Central principle and the unity of the country. On both sides of the strait have the historic achievements of "Wang Qian talks", it has become an increasingly developed branch all-round. Exchange cooperation, there is only 18 implementation of the cross-strait direct two-way "three-way" implementation and ECFA and other 18 agreements, there is a new situation that is flourishing today. Huang Weitao, director of the Research Bureau of China, said in the seminar, General Secretary Hu Jintao mentioned in the 18th National Report on November 8 that both sides of the strait should abide by opposition "Taiwan independence" and adhere to the "Nine-two consensus". This is the first time the Chinese Communist Party wrote the "Nine-two Consensus" reported in the report of the National Party Congress, expressed its high attention to the "Nine-two consensus" and became an important policy proposition. There is no Qiu Jinyi in the "Nine-two Consensus" in the past 20 years. He hopes that there is a "post-nine-two consensus" – from "one middle table" to " The same table. "

  He said that this should be a step in cross-strait two sides to communicate over a deeper level.

On both sides of the strait to terminate the hostility, first build military mutual trust or synchronize to establish political mutual trusts, sign a peace agreement; both shots must not only have two conferences of the standing institutions, which should be a comprehensive agency, the affairs should be more, more comprehensive.

  The Chinese Military Science Society is a man-of-law, and the "post-1992 consensus" proposal, he also refined its clarity of the "Nine-two consensus" in the midst of "nine-two consensus"; let it be more inflated; The various tables "are" a Chinese common table "; open two-strait political consultation topics and military mutual trust. Taiwan expert Xu Bodong said, commemorating the "Nine-two Consensus" can’t just review the past, but also to commemorate its practical significance.

The facts of cross-strait relations development have proved that in 20 years, adhere to the "Jiu Second Consensus", cross-strait relations can develop smoothly and smoothly; violating "Jiuyi Consensus", cross-strait relations will suffer setbacks, and even face a serious crisis. With the continuous development of cross-strait relationship, the issues will enter the deep water area, but also adhere to the "Nine-two consensus", so that they continue to develop, keep pace with the times.

Porto da Passagem de Altaw Em Xinjiang Já ReceeU 5 Mil Trens de Carga China-Europa Desde o Início de 2021

Urumqi, 13nov (Xinhua) – Umtremdecargacarregadocommóveis, dispositivoseletrnicos, suprimentosanti-epidêmicoseoutrosbenspartiunestasexta-feiradaPassagemdeAlataw, umimportanteportoferroviárionaRegioAutnomaUigurdeXinjiang, noroestedaChina, comdestinoaDuisburgo, éálanandoumasombranacadeiadeabastecimentoglobal, ostrensdecargaChina-Europasoosmaisescolhidosporumnúmerocadavezmaiordeempresasporcausadesuaoperaoestávelecustosrelativamentebaixos, disseXuYueheng, daautoridadealfandegá, desde2021,, 60rotaspassampelaPassagemdeAlataw, conectando13paíseseregies, incluindoRússia, Polnia, óveiseacessórios, fiosdealgodoemadeira, enquantoosprodutosexportadosincluemprincipalmenteeletrodomésticosenecessidadesdiárias . .

Promote the original drama creation Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center to build the Jingbei Drama Incubation Base

People’s Network Beijing July 23, on July 22, "Phaseo 2021 Script Promotion Conference and the Second Operational Propaganda Conference". In the event, Tiantongyuan Culture Arts Center "Hand in Hand", will jointly build the Beijing-North drama hatching base.

It is understood that Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center is located in returning to the sky. The total construction area is about 10,000 square meters. It is divided into two floors of the ground floor and the upper floor, planning a bookstore, art museum, library, performance training center, theater center and culture. Space is a cultural complex integrating reading, exhibition, performance, leisure, social, hatching, training, etc. As the first large-scale cultural complex in the day, Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center has a wide range of residents with many cultural activities, rich artistic atmosphere and high-quality space, and become a new landmark of the North China culture.

Located on the 4th floor of Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, the "Youth Creative Theater" is positioned, aimed at playing the original enthusiasm of young creators, with the origin of the day, to create the original drama of the most life-life scene, will high quality The cultural life is really embedded in the life of the residents, let the residents in the sky can enter the theater, feel the drama, and enjoy the art.

As a drama production platform integrating "innovation, row, exhibition, performance", not only the theater, but also in the life, more inwork culture stationed, specializing in serving youth drama people to create production, incubation original drama content. In the event, based on the consensus of the drama development direction and the prospect of returning to the sky, Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center and the "Pingyuan Plan" hosted and operators discussed the three major directions of the cooperation between the two sides, namely: "Tale back to day" – Creating a high-quality drama hatching base, hatching drama ip and surrounding; "Back to God" – Cooperate to open the "return story collection" plan, develop high-quality repertoire with geographical characteristics and art temperature; " "- Co-promotion" Youth Original Studio Setting Plan "to help youth drama people to start a business. Zhang Duo, relevant person in charge of the operator of Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, said that Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center will continue to explore the grassroots level under the guidance of the Beijing Cultural Art Fund, in-depth community, embed the people’s life. With the help of working with the training, more people can pay more attention to the Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Culture and Art Culture and Art Center in Beijing, pay attention to the return to the sky; I also hope that the Tiantongyuan Culture Art Center truly created a high quality The incubation center of the drama, a cultural circle recognized by a hot earth, a drama platform that was loved by returning to the day and even the whole Beijing drama. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

People’s Daily ? Nantong Reader: The landscape light should pay attention to power saving

Original title: Recommendation "People’s Daily" on October 18, 2021, 07th version of the screenshot original: Suggested landscape lights should pay attention to power saving in recent years, many cities and even small towns installed landscape lights increasing. Although the landscape lamp has played a good role in decorating streetscape, beautification market, it needs to be pointed out that some places are negligible when using landscape lights, resulting in more energyful waste. Suggest: First, use energy-saving landscape lights, new installation landscape lights use energy-saving lamps, and non-energy-saving landscape lights that have been used should gradually replace energy-saving lamps; the second is to be mainly used, in all cities, all local sections It is necessary to distinguish between large-scale lighting landscapes, and should be distinguished according to the actual situation. Some road sections will remain; third, the daily management should keep up, the opening and closing of the landscape light should be randomly strand, and the holiday can be opened for a while, usually Located less than a while, or open a part, some place landscape lights are all bright all night, causing a lot of waste. Zhang Zhou Dan, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

President of Serbia: Chinese companies help to Fig. Eastern development

  Xinhua News Agency Servia Bor October 22 (Reporter Shizhongyu) Serbia President Wu Chi, attended a copper gold mine carried out production ceremony in Bol City, Cead, 22nd, said that the arrival of Chinese companies not only saved Serbia State-owned mines that are on the verge of bankruptcy, and promote local economic development and increase people’s income. Mikhailovich, Serbia, Minister of Mining and Energy, Minister of Environmental Protection, former Semiti, Serbia, Selvia, against the Russian Cooperation National Committee Chairman Tomslaf Nikoli, Chinese Ambassador in Serbia Wave and many government and business representatives attended the Carrier Caipula Purple Gold Mining Co., Ltd. held on the same day. Wu Chi’s highly praised the relationship between the two countries in the speech, called "I am proud of our friendship with the People’s Republic of China."

  Wu Chi said that Serbia Zijin Mining Company invests billion dollars new Chucko Peiji copper gold mine project adopts modern technology, fully compliant with environmental standards, will become the first green mine of Serbia. Chen Bo said in the speech that under the concern and efforts of the leaders of the two countries, the two countries cooperated with a sharp progress, and the fruitful results were achieved, and contributed to the economic development of the two countries. With the advancement of Zijin project, Serbian copper production will account for 18% of the total European copper production, so that Serbia has become the second largest copper producer in Europe, which will significantly improve the local economic development. (Editor: Cui transhorge, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.