Plastic "Shandong Highway" new brilliant Zhongjian Road and Bridge to help local infrastructure construction

[] In 2020, Shandong Province coordinates epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, optimization adjustment of integrated transportation network, speed up the short board, the province’s comprehensive traffic investment reached 2.35.6 billion yuan, major infrastructure construction re-returned to the national first square. The high-speed railway train has reached 2110 kilometers. The 13th of the national 13th in 2017 leaps in the third place; the motorway has reached 7204 kilometers. At the end of the year, four highways were built. The province’s highway traffic has exceeded 7400 kilometers, and then plastic "Shandong Highway" new brilliant.

In order to help Shandong infrastructure construction, Zhongjian Luqiao Group set up Shandong Branch in Jinan in April 2018. In the past three years, from the first project of the Chengji (Jinan to Guangzhou) Expressway, 23 have been built, and there have been two types of projects. It has gradually formed highways, municipal, and extends to rail transit, water conservancy, ecological environmental protection. A good situation in many fields such as agriculture. Recently, the Shandong Weihai Shijiahe Park Bridge was built by the group. The bridge is the first large landscape bridge in Weihai, and there are two sides of Shijia River, and further accelerate the pace of Binhai New Town to the eastern region. At the same time, it is of great significance to improve the tourism competitiveness of the new city of Weihai, create a "exquisite city". Bridge complex construction process and unique modeling design will become a Weihai iconic building and Net red card, and the public can enjoy the pine forest and the distance of Shijia river in the bridge into the sea.

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People’s Network Review: Strive for the whole year of food and agricultural harvest

Original title: People’s Net Assessment: Strive to win the whole year of food and agricultural harvest, the world is safe.

The area of ??summer harvest has increased by more than 3 million mu. Xia grain monophytes have been increased in three consecutive years. The vocabulary rate of the mother-producing area is controlled within 3%. Most of the main production area is reduced by 1 percentage point in previous years. … Summer Shi just passed, my country Summer grains have received harvest, and the output has reached a record high. This is not only for the whole year of food production in trillions, but also provides strong support for the economic and social development overall situation. Summer grain production is the first year of food production throughout the year, and the output accounts for more than 20 years of food production.

The first battle of summer grain produces, which is important to stabilize food production in the whole year to ensure that the food and agricultural harvest of well-off year. From the perspective of natural factors, since the autumn and winter, the meteorological conditions are generally better, "the 83 rain" venues in the "Mai harvest" are not far, the soil is the best in recent years; from the perspective of artificial factors, the policy support is large, the field The management is grasped, and the disease is early, and the mechanical damage is good.

Thanks to the "people’s efforts, heroes", we successfully overcome the gout of the spring cold, pests and diseases, anti-championships, and harvested the heavy harvest fruits with hard work.

Full of feelings, more security. Protecting the national food security is an eternal topic, and this string cannot be loose at any time. For the big country with 1.4 billion people, the agricultural basics cannot be ignored and weakened at all times. There is food in his hands, and the heart is not panic at any time is truth.

Coping new coronal pneumonia epidemics, my country’s society has always maintained stable, food and important agricultural products have stable supply. Controlling the economic and social development overall situation, we must firmly hold the initiative of food security and put the Chinese rice bowl in his own hands.

Based on the basic self-sufficiency of the food, play a "three rural" crimp stone role to win the initiative to address various risk challenges. It must be soberly recognized that more than one billion people have to eat, this is the biggest national condition in my country. For this reason, food security is "the big people".

Food is not a general product, can’t speak economic account, do not calculate political accounts, light accounts, not long-term accounts. Whether it is the primary production area, the main pin area, or the production and sales equilibrium area, there is a responsibility to protect the area, insurance production, and the rice bowl should be at the end, the responsibility should be together. Party committees and governments at all levels must pick up political responsibility for food security, escorting food production.

Grain production is fundamentally in cultivated land, life pulse in water conservancy, departing in technology, power in policies, these key points must be implemented, grabbing.

Currently, all localities are working on summer summer tesle.

On the one hand, the "Tibetan grain in the ground, hidden grains in the technology" strategy must be implemented.

It is necessary to protect the cultivated land like protecting the giant panda, implement the most stringent cultivated land protection system, strengthen high standard farmland construction, adhere to agricultural science and technology self-improvement, accelerate the key core technology of agriculture, and strike a seed industry. On the other hand, it is necessary to protect important agricultural products effective supply and promote continuous income of farmers. It is necessary to stabilize and strengthen the subsidies of grain farmers, improve the storage and control capacity, adhere to the minimum acquisition price policy, innovate business methods, and strive to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers, so that farmers have money to earn money. "The grain, the life of the people, the heavy treasure of the country."

"On this hoped field, golden wheat becomes a grain grain, stretching is not only a smile of millions of farmers, but also a beautiful country revival picture.

Grasping the Grain production, struggling to win the whole year of food and agriculture harvest, we can promote high quality development of economic and social development, provide basic support for the construction of new development patterns.

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Phoenix tourism with tourism big coffee into Sichuan detonating big shocking hooks

Line 1: Chongqing 110km Guang’an City (Xiaoping Husband, Siyuan Square) 27km Huaying Mountain Tianchi 18km Huaji Mountain Scenic Area 17km Neighboring Water Cave 60km Chongqing. Line 2: Chengdu 278km Guang’an City (Xiaoping, Siyuan Square) 27km Huashan Tianchi 18km Huaji Mountain Scenic Area 17km Neighboring Water Cave 317km Chengdu. Line 3: Chongqing 128km Huayu Mountain Scenic Area 17km Neighboring Water Cave Zhongtian River 60km Chongqing. Line 4: Chengdu 305km Huaying Mountain Scenic Area 17km Neighboring Water Cave Zhongtian River 317km Chengdu. The Huashan Scenic Area is located in the subtropical wet climate zone. The average temperature is 12 degrees, the maximum temperature temperature is about 20 degrees, and it is very suitable for tourism.

The temperature difference between the day and night is large, the short-sleeved short coat is sufficient during the day, and you need a long coat at night.

In the words of shoes, it is recommended to wear waterproof and slippery roads. Come to Guang’an, you can’t miss a Guang’an pear. Among the clouds of the Guang’an Huayan Hill at sea level, it is a high-quality premature pear, and the fruit, the water, the fruit, the water, and the meat, the meat, the meat, delicate, and brittle juice. Many, it is good to travel to travel tourists.

At the same time, Hua Wei also gave birth to Maifeng tea, and the Fengfeng belongs to the fried green tea. It enters the cup and brewed the fog, the soup is clear and yellow, and the leaves are yellow. It tastes alcohol, the aroma is asland, the charm is deep.

Hua Yi is located in the eastern part of Sichuan, named by Huashan, is one of Hongyan spirit. Hua Yun District is unique, water and air traffic is developed, and it is a door to Chongqing in the east of Sichuan. Among them, the Huashan Tourist Area is located in Huayu City. It is the National Forest Park, the National Geological Park, the National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot, and there is a famous Huashan Wax Museum, Hua Yushan Wax Museum. Wait. In addition, Hua Yong City also has a multi-site attractions such as Ade Assisting Cemetery, Xianhe Cave, Peppermine, Shou Temple, Xikou Baoding, 300 Ladiapers.

Plug in the rural resolution with "Digital Wings"

  "Hui" seeds, the use of the Internet of Things can achieve soil-like monitoring; "Hui" tourism, where the attractions are, theft is unless; "Hui" governance, "Internet + government service" to realize online integrated government service, let farmity The people share the development of Internet development … urban and rural "digital divide" gradually narrowed, more agricultural herders shared digital economic dividends.

  Grab the opportunity, try first.

Inner Mongolia digital rural construction, all-round, multi-field, deep and rapid driving, a digital strong farmers, digital government villages, and digital-rich development drawings.

  Holding a punch, picking up a number of new waves of the digital countryside, immediately knowing this year, how much. This is convenient and quick to operate, and it is no longer a new thing in the production of farmers and herdsmen in Chifeng.

  "In the early years, I don’t understand market demand. I seem to have a big harvest. I can find a heavy loss. Today, I have a question on the ground, as long as I get on 12316.

"Yu Hanqi Feng Yue Township Zhangjiagou Village Planted Migrant Sun Xiaodong said." 12316 "is a special number of national agricultural system public welfare services," 12316 "in Chifeng City is the only independently running three farmers in the autonomous region. Hotline platform.

Li Wenhua, Science General of the Information Science, General Husbandry Technology Promotion Center, Chifeng City, introduced that the platform is creatively canceled, and the three-party calls are achieved by direct connection experts. With the "12316" hotline and unique equivalent of agricultural and animal husbandry products, Chifeng City constructs "audible" peffination information system.

Through the platform platform of agriculture and animal husbandry, relying on the National "Golden Nongnong Project", the Central Organization Department "Rural Party Distance Education Project" and the "Three Electricity One" Agricultural Integrated Information Service Project and Information Important Enterprise Pilot Project, The information service work system of the four levels of the city, counties, townships and villages were built. And use information technology such as Internet, big data, cloud computing, and build digital industrial data chains.

  Behind the experience of data and agricultural and animal husbandry services, it is the pace of Inner Mongolia to accelerate the construction of digital rural construction. – The work coordination mechanism is increasingly perfect. Establish and improve the work coordination mechanism of the party committee network office, the autonomous region of the Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region, Autonomous Region, Autonomous Region, etc., to strengthen work communication and dispatch, form working together.

  - Policy support is constantly strengthening. Printing and distributing the main task division of digital rural development in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, clarifying the main goals, key tasks and responsibility division of Inner Mongolia digital rural construction.

Incorporate the relevant indicators of digital rural construction into the digital economic monitoring and evaluation system of the autonomous region, strengthen the supervision assessment of digital rural construction.

Alliances have gradually increasing the policy support for digital rural construction. – Focus on promoting pilot construction.

In October 2020, Hohhot Toto County, Estock, Ordos City, Etak, Xing’an League Zahartragi, was approved to become a national digital village pilot area (117 counties in the country). The pilot building is in an orderly, forming a typical experience and practice of rejuvenation, promotion. Dare to be a priority, typical first.

Inner Mongolia high frequency, high starting point promotes deploying digital rural development work, the tide of digital villages is surging in Inner Mongolia. Digital empowerment, open industrial development, new models, using satellite remote sensing technology to see crops long, irrigation, fertilization, temperature and other agricultural production indicators can be carried out through mobile phone operation, research units play the advantages of science and education resources, passing through remote guidance, postgraduate students, etc. , The online line is scientifically analyzed and agricultural guidance underline … These sound "tall" operations are becoming the daily day of Zahateqi farmers. Nowadays, high-tech is "charm" in all sections of agricultural production. In addition to smart planting, wisdom management, Za赉te flag also enlarged wisdom to sell in agricultural products, develop "three-chain one" "green core" digital identity integrated system, and distributes "one-piece" digital identity for quality agricultural products Certificate, by scanning the corresponding QR code, you can view more details of agricultural planting, harvesting, processing, etc.

  Fully promote the development of intelligence agriculture, Zhatei flag encompasses all aspects of agricultural production, from spring farming, spring broadcast to autumn harvest, from sowing, field management to gain, realized the traditional agriculture "watching the sky" to wisdom agriculture Look at the "screen" transition.

  Digital empowerment, open the new model of industrial development. In recent years, Inner Mongolia has vigorously promoted the digital transformation of agricultural pastor, accelerating new technologies such as the promotion of major data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, using new technologies in production and operation, and the agriculture and animal husbandry. In the Houqi Houqi Shanghai Town, the "Internet of Things + High Standard Farmland" model has achieved remarkable results.

Control system management room, water pipe network, road hardening, etc. New development model, Orkins, Orkins, Erdos, actively carry out the "Satellite Grazing" pilot promotion work, Beidou Navigation satellite grazing system United to each other through the mobile software and the beef neck, the herders can grasp the position of the cattle in real time. Mobile speed and other status; Toto County Wisdom Animal Husbandry – Smart Animal Husbandry Platform, with the application of information archives management system and video supervision and management system, providing information, intelligent services around the main production management links around the pasture , Overall enhance the management level of animal husbandry production enterprises, realize scientific, standardized, refined management; … strive for digital agriculture, smart agriculture model, Inner Mongolia to promote agricultural machinery animal husbandry equipment intelligent development, deepen e-commerce into the countryside Pastoral area, actively cultivation of creative agricultural and animal husbandry, network recognition of agriculture and animal husbandry, sightseeing and animal husbandry, etc., actively explored agricultural and animal husbandry information infrastructure, information service system, policy mechanism and other aspects. The intelligence is intelligent in agriculture, and the digital dividend accelerates release.

Inner Mongolia regards the development of digital villages as an important path of realizing the modernization of rural pastoral areas of agriculture and animal husbandry, and digital "engine" ignited the dynamic fire of the modernization of China ‘s pesticotive industry.

  On the cloud "Anjia", take a service farming and animal husbandry, walk into Ertock, Estock, Hami, Sumu, Sumu, Sumu, Sumu, and the Mumerian Wangba, who is controlling the feed mixer with mobile phones. Introduced by Director of the Excursions Supervision Committee, Suri Garn has long been able to cover, and the network has become the highest demand for herders.

This year, the investment of 120 households and animal husks were investing in fibers and explored the construction of "smart pastoral area". "We can not only brush video, see news, online shopping, but also check the activities of home livestock and grassland environment." Di Di said excitedly. Promote management services digital transformation, allowing digital technology to do things for business entities and farmers, so that farmers and herdsmen run less legs, information multi-run road.

At present, Inner Mongolia has built in Inner Mongolia Farming and Husbandry Information Network, the WeChat public number, "12316" three farm three animal husbandry service hotline, and 48 industrial administrative examination and approval matters such as pesticide production licenses. The network office accounts reached 100%, and the resources of the Nongnong Information Society have promoted all kinds of service resources to the rural pastoral area, and the integrated information service level of agriculture and animal husbandry has been improved. At the same time, strengthen the new infrastructure construction of rural pastoral area. Use a good telecommunications universal service policy, supplement the rural pastoral area fiber broadband, 4G / 5G cover the short board. It also promoted the digital, intelligent transformation of infrastructure, intelligent transformation, and promotion of intelligence, intelligent transportation, smart grid, smart agriculture, smart logistics construction.

  Construct a rural digital people’s livelihood service system. In-depth promotion of the education informationization of rural pastoral areas, continuously promote the coverage of wireless network in rural primary and secondary schools, and build a public service platform for autonomous regional education resources, and expand high quality education resources coverage.

In-depth promotion of "Internet + Medical Health", support township and village medical institutions to improve the level of information.

  Data flow intercommunications, the footsteps of the digital rural construction in Inner Mongolia are more solid. From point to the line, from line to the face, promote digital development of agriculture and animal husbandry, digital management of rural pastoral areas, and constantly aggregate, one by one can be reproduced, and digital rural models that can be promoted are born. (Reporter Han Xueru Xuelai) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

People’s Net Assessment "One Room Multi-card" is the performance of "traces" not "performance"

Liaocheng Ancient Building Street Hubei Community, concentrated on more than 100 brands; the brand on the Village of Zhaishan City, the brand on the village committee has reduced more than 40 pieces, and there is half-meter high … in the "Village (Community) ‘brand In the year of "problem centralized rectification" activities, Shandong Wan Village (community) has cleaned up all kinds of institutions, and the system brand is more than 19 million pieces. It effectively solves the number of gauges, many types, many forms, and false names. At the same time, Jinan City, Liu Xincun Street, and the party group service station take the standardized service guide, integrated e-government platform service residents; Qingdao Liuxi District, the community will build a new neighborhood center for the new type of neighborhood … Shandong cleaned up "brand of brands", not only for the reduction of grassroots cadres, but also enabling the masses.

In some places, in order to complete the evaluation standard, standardized construction, annual inspection and other matters, the grassroots hanging has a wide range of people, and the names of various villages (community) office service venues, and there are too many abuse of abuse.

Last year, Shandong Province conducted a row of 58 villages (communities), with an average of more than 40 suspended gauges per office space.

From all kinds of rooms, institutes, stations, centers, and associations, to the "one-room multi-card" difficult to work, then to the brand only increase, some institutional brands in some decades are still hanging, the brand is mostly a table, Do not have unforgettable things. Many "village cards" that promoted work have become a famous "flower shelf", and the rectification will be in the case. The establishment agency is to indicate the identity, clear duty, and the establishment of the establishment is to activate the enthusiasm of the cadres, and the cohesive is dry. However, the cadres of the village committees have limited human hand, and the increasing brand means increasing tasks. There are many people, many of the people and several-time cadre are, unbearable, naturally difficult to ensure the effectiveness of work, it is difficult to give the masses to see the well-being.

Renovation of "Brand" problem is not to escape responsibility, but in order to integrate work, the brand similar to the working nature will be combined, and there will be no substantive business cancellation.

Sick the brand, remove the burden; the brand is under the wall, the service is in the heart.

Let the grassroots cadres are lightly installed, in order to improve administrative efficiency, put a limited time to the work of the people. Remediation of "Brand" problem, essence is the striking of tutors and bureaucracy. There is a cadre, some brands are just that the superior department said that a work should be strengthened. In the following, he will hang on the brand to pay attention to it. Some are the higher-level department requirements to be listed, no matter whether there is anything below. It must be seen that the score is dried, not a brand hanging; the list is to serve the masses, not to deal with check.

Only on the implementation of the brand, with only the account assessment, only the performance of "traces" do not seriously "performance", must be corrected by the establishment of a government APP.

Brand is below, the roots are on the head.

Some local gardens are a brand, a wall is full of institutions, an important reason is that the evaluation criteria is not scientific, and the assessment system is unreasonable.

Now, the stability of the reform and development is heavy, and the grassroots are often facing tricky problems, especially the superior support and professional guidance. Renovation of "Brands", should also be promoted from top to bottom, but also to resolutely extract, standardize listing, and strictly standardize the assessment matters, scientifically set the assessment standards, and break the "assessment", establish and improve the base of the grassroots The evaluation system of the main standards.

Broken, correct the lazy inert genus, in order to create a better business entrepreneurial environment for the grassroots level.

The grassroots governance does not look at how the brand is, and how much is the smile of the masses. On the occasion of the founding of the party, we have solidly launched the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the people to solve the difficult things of the grassroots, the people ‘s troubles, highlighting the invincible of the Communists. In order to rectify the "brand more" as the incision, force the formalism, bureaucracy, can earnestly improve the people’s sense, do good things, do practical things, and do the masses. (Editor: Jiang Meng, Qu Yuan) Sharing let more people see.

Pinggu species with drones

Original title: Pinggu species Dabao uses drone this newspaper (Reporter Sun Yunke) Flying in the air machine, the ground ran in smart cars … 10 acres of Demonstration Taoyuan in the North Shop Village of Liujiadian Town, Pinggu District .

  "Dudu", the staff holds the remote control to operate the orchard remote shirt and start her medicine.

This "car" has a probe, see the tree to spray.

"Use this equipment to save 90%, saving 60%." Wu Huarian, researcher, Beijing Agricultural Information Technology Research Center, Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that there is a sprinkler drone in Taoyuan, and the earthquake in the sky is implemented. Punch is overwritten. North shop village is the location of the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the head of the science and technology station, and Lu Anxiang, the head of the scientific procedure, introduced the backbone of seven research institutes in the hospital, including 10 agriculture, including national post scientists. Experts help, from new varieties, pest control, ecological construction, agricultural waste use, wisdom orchard, industrial system, peach production standardization, etc.

  It is understood that the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Pinggu District, cured various scientific and technological cooperation, and collecting power resources to establish a Tao Industrial Technology Research Institute, from Wisdom Taoyuan, Taozhi Waste Utilization, Agricultural Artificial Intelligence Service 12 aspects of platform construction, forestry, soil quality improvement, etc., to build cooperation, and realize the scientific planting of Pinggu Dabi. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).

Planting the crown fruit

  In recent years, Xing’an League Turkou County is co-ordinated with economic construction, aiming at the development of forest fruit industry, and planted a "green bank".

In order to promote the improvement of specialty agriculture, Tutu County places the cultural fruit as a rich green product to create, guided and supports the development of cultural fruits.

In order to further reach the industrial chain, cooperate with Liaoning Congolian Food Co., Ltd., the purchase of 10 yuan per catty, the annual output value of 2,000 yuan per acre, and based on the existing three crown fruit breeds, the culture is further developed Excellent germplasm. As of the end of July 2020, Turquan County has promoted more than 100,000 mu of high-quality scrolls.

The artificial fruit is known as the iron rod crop, which is a tree species integrating ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits. In order to comprehensively promote the construction of the literary roaming base of Wenquan fruit forest, Turquan County has always made the cultivation of the cultivation of Wenquan fruit forest as the top of the base, and continuously promote the cultivation of the base seedling by quantitative toward quality transformation, production Management is transformed from a extensive to the set.

At the same time, through management measures such as shadow, trim, watering, fertilization, etc., carry out carefully cultivation of the Base inner crown fruit seed garden, the source area and the demonstration forest, and rely on all kinds of research projects, and the mature supporting technology is selected. Experimental study such as excellent breeding, campaign grafting and abundance cultivation, increased the breeding efforts of excellent varieties, and comprehensively promoted the construction of artificial breeding bases. (Reporter Zhang Huiling Intern Li Yangyang Photography) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Per capita disposable income of Lishui peasants to achieve "Twelve Covenant" in Zhejiang

  In the past few days, the Ban Art Museum, which was found in the Gu Shui Lotus District, and the Ban Art Museum, founded in Italy, held a contemporary art exhibition, attracted many visitors. The breeze of the river on the other side of the river is also lively.

  "There are more than 30 people in the village to receive 450 visitors at the same time.

Zhang Weiwu, secretary of the total party secretary of the Zhubi Village, told reporters that in 2000, Zhu Bun Village was still a poor village. It is now the core village of the scenic spot, and it has enjoyed the "selling landscape" bonus. Wenchuang, Hand, B & B, coffee, literary …… The vigorous growth of many new states, the per capita disposable income of the ambigui in the Township Villages in Guiyang has grown nearly 9 times in the past 15 years. The change in the village is the development mode of Lishui transform, broaden the farmers’ income path. " "One-angle". With the "eighth strategy" as a leader, Lishui City deliberately practiced green hills is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, striving to rushed to the rural resolution, and fully promote the high quality green development of agricultural rural areas.

In 2020, the per capita disposable income of Lishui rural residents was 23,37,37 yuan, an increase of per capita-friendlyly disposable income of Lishui rural residents in Lishui rural residents. Zhejiang first in 12 consecutive years. How does "Twelve Covenant" implement? Constantly deepen reform, is the most fundamental power.

As the largest forest area in Zhejiang, Li Wishong actively innovates the people’s mechanism.

Since 2010, the Yongshui Village of Zuoxi Town, Liquan, has received dividends from the national afforestation projects of Qingyuan Yongqing State Forest Farm. At present, the village income has exceeded 1 million yuan.

Village collective, villager group, Linnong resilience to forest land, state-owned forest farm, cooperative afforestation, hill right, forest protection, Qingyuan is exploring this business model in the county.

  Exploring the realization mechanism of ecological value, Lishui took the lead in the conversion of green water, and promoted the value of ecological products. Recently, "Lishui Spring" has completed the layout of 9 points of Lishui, which is about to enter Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places. This is a model project for exploring the ecological value transformation of water products in Lishui City. After visiting a plurality of water sources, Lishui’s Qingtian Feiyunfeng, Longquan Green Swipe two water sources with high silicic acid content, low sodium content, soft mouth, and become the opening of the local exploration of water economy.

  "Lishui Spring" is also the latest action of Lishui to create a "mountain" word brand.

The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Rural Rural Area of ??Lishui City told reporters that in the past, Lishui agricultural products have been scattered, and there are many main body but the strength is generally weak. To this end, Lishui actively explores "Lishui Mountain", "Lishui Mountain", "Lishui Mountain View" and other areas Public brand.

Nice, good water, good air, good scenery … Every brand is the ecological advantage of unique mountain character. Taking "Lishui Mountain" as an example, 2020 brand annual sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, with an average premium rate of 30%. Country revitalization relying on industries, there must be high quality talents and platform boosts. A few months ago, under the painting of Dr. Chengke Army, the Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute of Lishui City, Liquan Songyang County Banqiao Township and Zhejiang Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperative relationship, and the villagers were trying to be in the past. Last year, the Chengkejun was planned to have a Ph.D. in Banqiao Township through "Bai Bo into the township" talent service. "We hope to get through the intervention of technical strength, and simultaneously hit the countryside, so that the villagers can earn money at the door." He said.

  Let the farmers have increasing, and the roots must make farmers to create rich skills.

Lishui has coordinates more than 20 million yuan for farmers every year. Since the beginning of this year, Lishui launched millions of farmers training to promote the actions. As of now, we have trained more than 150,000 farmers. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Plastic bracket: high myrosis is fast, stable coronary heart disease

Expert Profile: Liu Jian, President of Director of Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Hospital of Peking University People’s Hospital, professor, doctoral tutor.

Subrighetics, University of Columbia Medical Center / Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Postdoctoral, USA, College of Cardiology (FACC), European Heart Society Expert (FESC), USA Vascular Machinery and Interventional Treatment Association Expert Member (FSCAI).

Hosting a number of national topics such as key projects in the National Natural Science Foundation, in China nearly 40 academic groups in China, the Chinese Medical Association’s Cardiovascular Branch, which serves as a number of domestic core journals such as Zhonghua Cardiovascular disease magazine. . Good at: diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, coronary intervention treatment, coronaral imaging and functional examination; coronary heart disease has no invasive examination (FFRCT); diagnosis and treatment of acute myocardial infarction; intractable hypertension interventional treatment. The treatment of coronary heart disease includes: 1 living habits change: smoking cessation alcohol, low-fat low salt diet, appropriate physical exercise, control weight, etc. Body blocker), relieve angina (nitrate), lipid-lipid-stable plaque (statins); 3 blood reconstruction treatment: including interventional treatment (vascular balloon expansion formation and stent implantation) And surgical coronary artery bypass transplantation.

Drug therapy is the basis for all treatments. Long-term standard drug treatment should also be adhered to long-term standard drug treatment after intervention and surgical treatment. For the same patient, the drug can be ideally controlled when it is in a certain stage of the disease, and in another stage, the drug is often poorly useful, and the drug is needed to use drugs and interventional treatment or surgical surgery. Patients with public and coronary heart disease should popularize the knowledge of cardiac infarction, prevent myocardial infarction, in case early diagnosis, timely treatment.

Pay attention to the following points in daily life: 1. Avoid excessive fatigue especially avoiding excessive items.

Patients with coronary heart disease may induce myocardial infarction. 2. Relaxing a happy life, you have to be able to calm for anything. 3. Pay special attention to taking a bath while taking a shower.

Preferably, the water temperature is comparable to the body temperature, and the bath time should not be too long, and the patient who is more seriously crown is taken with the help of others. 4. At the climate change, we should be careful under the influence of severe cold or strong air, and the coronary artery can induce acute myocardial infarction.

Therefore, when the climate is bad, patients with coronary heart disease should pay attention to keep warm or appropriate protection. 5. It is necessary to understand and identify the amended symptoms of myocardial infarction and give a timely treatment of myocardial infarction, about 70% have a precursor symptoms, mainly: (1) Patients with past uninforches suddenly angina, or the original angina patient episodes suddenly significantly aggravated, Or dispropted from generation to generation; (2) The nature of angina in the heart is changed, the time is extended, and the use of nitrate is not easy to relieve; (3) Pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sweating or obvious heart-driven or super speed; (4) angina pectoris; When the attack is short, the breathing is difficult; (5) patients with coronary heart disease or the elderly suddenly emerged from arrhythmia, heart failure, shock or syncope, etc., the possibility of myocardial infarction should be thought of. Once the above symptoms occur, it must be taken seriously. The patient should first stay in bed, keep quiet, avoid excessive mentalness; under the tongue undergived glycerol or spray inhalation of nitroglycerin, if it does not alleviate, after 5 minutes, it can be covered again.

After the angina is relieved, go to the hospital for a doctor.

If chest pain lasts for 20 minutes, it does not relieve or severe chest pain with nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, syncope, and call ambulance to the hospital. How to ask questions and watch live: 1. Download the people’s good doctor clients and enter the "consultation" column for questions. Live in the People’s Good Doctor App

You can ask questions now, ask questions, doctors prioritize.

Pingdingshan High-tech Zone Zunjing Shop Town First Home

According to the regional characteristics, Zhilian shop is based on the actual situation, and it is determined that Yan Village is the first home and Breakfast in the town.Strict Village Binhe people-Breakfast accommodation leisure, food and entertainment, enjoying flowers, farming experience, etc.

The construction of the Beijing-Bed and Breakfast in Zunhua Town has promoted the development of rural tourism industry in the town, providing a leisure health venue to let more people feel the sky blue, green, water, and refreshing beauty.The scenery allows the public to enjoy the quiet, idle, idyllic life, experience poetry and distant in the fireworks.

The construction of the project has implemented a rural revitalization strategy in the town, driving the masses to get rich in practical significance and demonstration, and is also an important way to broaden the conversion of green mountains to Jinshan Yinshan and help rural revitalization.

(Pingdingshan High-tech Zone Party Group Work Department Zong Xin Zheng Xiyan] (Editor: Since Salm, Xu Chi).