Someone said:“Let Secretary Peng finish。”

Peng Changyi said again:“Folks,Our mood is the same as everyone,All hope to solve the problem quickly,Still the sentence just now,Give us time。also,My suggestion was,Once you want to go out to sue,Think of a problem first,That is,That means you have a great grievance,Finally, we must return to the negotiating table of our level of government.,In other words,Conflicts with family,In the end, I have to solve it by my family。starting today,I promise the big guy,If you report to me the problem,I won’t solve it for you,Deliberately,Go up and tell me not to stop,I believe most of us still hope to solve the problem reasonably,I don’t want to make a big deal,Am i right?”
The tense nerves of the villagers slowly began to relax,They are whispering,yesterday afternoon,When Peng Changyi called Su Fan,Let him do work for individual villagers alone,right now,This trick worked。Just listen to one of them:“Folks,I think that Secretary Peng is very truthful,We are so noisy,For what,Isn’t it just to solve the problem??Compensation for our loss,Bring criminals to justice,I think we might as well believe them once,Give the new team time,how about it?Let’s not tell,Take a look,What do you guys say?”
At this moment,Another person said:“I agree with Da Lao Li,We give the new team time,Now that Secretary Peng evacuated the police from the village,That they are sincere。Our section is like a headless fly,Tell everywhere,Don’t waste manpower and material resources,We didn’t get any results,And no one is better,What do we picture?Since Secretary Peng said it was his own business,I agree to solve it by myself,If the solution is unreasonable, we won’t be too late。”
At this moment,An old lady walked out of the crowd,Age around seventy,She said with tears in her eyes:“Our people have been dead for so long,This is the first time a city leader has entered the village and bowed to them,For this point,I believe in the new leader……”
Su Fan leaned into Peng Changyi’s ear and said:“This is Zhao Dayong’s mother,Old party member in the village,Calling old party members to quit the party is her lead。”
Peng Changyi walked over,Holding her hand and said:“Thank you,thank you for your trust。”He said again:“The folks in Niuguantun,Nowadays,Municipal Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC,The top leaders of these four teams are here,Just want to hear your request,Listen to your opinions,Nowadays,We are divided into four groups,The main leaders each bring a group,Let’s talk in pieces,What’s wrong with you,what do you need,What hope we do,Speak boldly,We will study and implement according to your requirements。”
At this moment,Su Fan stood up and told everyone:“Folks,What Secretary Peng said today,I don’t know if you have heard of it before,I haven’t heard it anyway,This shows that the city leaders are determined to solve our problem in Niuguantun,and so,We have to trust Secretary Peng,Trust Mayor Zhu,I believe that the new municipal party committee and government leaders,Let’s rationally、Calmly ask them,It’s no use going to Beijing,It’s no use going to the UN,The final solution to the problem depends on our local government。”
Peng Changyi laughed when he heard this,Said:“Secretary Su’s words remind me of a movie,Have you seen the Southern and Northern Wars??”
Peng Changyi said again:“There was a little soldier who said something,He said:We must rely on our infantry to solve the battle!cavalry、Neither running nor air strikes can finally solve the battle。Folks,Think about it,From the Party Central Committee and the State Council,They can’t directly solve our problem,At best it can save us,Replace with someone who can solve the problem,Solve the problem,I have to rely on our family,Am I talking about this truth?I’m making a guarantee with everyone,If I can’t do this for everyone,I won’t wait for the superior to save me,I will resign automatically,Folks,The official hat on my head was cultivated by my ancestors eight generations,not easy,I won’t lose it easily,Trust me,Believe in our new team members,What do you guys say?”
The old lady said:“Since Secretary Peng said so,I think we just listen to Secretary Peng,What do you say?”
Someone from behind said“Listen to Ms. Zhao,Aunt Zhao’s grievance is the biggest。”
“Okay,That’s it,Take a look first,No, let’s go to Beijing,Although going to Beijing is of little use,At the very least, let the superior know what ethical things these officials have done。”

But this is not what makes Dong Wen happy,Or not the main reason。

What makes him happiest is that Hu Lai completed a hat trick in this game.,It further proved the accuracy of his rejection of Fang Xinjie for Hu Lai。
After Hu Lai scored one after another,Dong Wen didn’t reject Fang Xinjie’s agent.,Just told him that he must agree to the conditions of the Flash Star Club,They won’t open a new contract for Fang Xinjie,On this one condition,If you don’t agree, you won’t have to talk。
Very tough attitude,Fang Xinjie’s agent was so tough,No reply yet。
Dong Wen is not in a hurry,Anyway, after Hu Lai and Murphy,Coupled with the coming back of an experienced veteran Ni Ziang,Flash Star’s offensive firepower is guaranteed,Fang Xinjie is not in love。
The transfer window will close if you want to watch,At most one week left。It doesn’t matter if Fang Xinjie didn’t talk about it,Just saved the club money。
This season should be like this,Dong Wen is very satisfied to be able to successfully stay in Zhongjia。At the same time, Zhao Kangming’s coaching ability is also reflected,Maturing,After a season of running-in,Plan well next season,Maybe it’s really a success?
The buyer Xinjie’s money will be kept for next season’s transfer.。
Originally, he planned to buy Xinjie to save the emergency,Now that Hu Lai has acted as a qualified firefighter,Fang Xinjie naturally becomes no longer important。
What Dong Wen didn’t know was,Fang Xinjie’s agent is now in the stands of the Provincial Sports Center,Staring blankly into the stadium。
After a while,He took out his cell phone and called Fang Xinjie:“Xinjie,it’s me,I am at the Provincial Sports Center in Jincheng……I know,I just want to ask you,Is it really impossible to accept the annual salary conditions given by Flash Star??”
He covered his ears with one hand,Try to listen to Fang Xinjie’s voice over there。
“Ok……Ok,Ok,I know。I don’t think about it anyway.?”
“nonsense!”Fang Xinjie roared on the phone,“The annual salary they give is exactly the same as that of Lao Tzu in Xiaojiang Lvlin,Why did i jump over?Why is this tossing about?Isn’t it for a salary increase?!”
“Na Xinjie,I personally recommend it……Do you want to wait another half season,After this season is over,I’ll help you find a team that suits you……Time is too short now,The transfer deadline is only one week away,It is difficult to find a suitable next home——Those clubs know your situation,Will desperately keep prices down……Do you want to admit a mistake with the coach tomorrow,Head down……why?Because Shining Star doesn’t want you anymore!Listen,Listen to this voice!”
Speaking of which,The agent took down the phone emotionally,Turn on,Turn around the fans in the stands。
And then put it back,Continue to shout:“Did you hear?This is the fucking cheers of Jincheng Provincial Sports Center,I stand here,He thought there was another earthquake!You ask me why this happens?Because that kid just finished a hat trick!Seven balls in six games!He has only been here for a month and a half!There is such a person in Shining Star,Why should I pay you an annual salary of 2.6 million?!”
Fang Xinjie in the mansion in Yujiang City, the capital of Xiaojiang Province,Listen to the howling from the handset,As if to hear the tide of Qiantang rushing。
Rolling back waves push forward waves,A wave is stronger than a wave。


“Because what you said just now has broken Chang Yi,Sure i did something wrong。”
“Humph,Still self-aware。”
Although the tone is half a joke,But Peng Changyi still sweats on his back。
“Why is my throat dumb?,Drink some water first。”Xie Changyou asked。
“Ok。”Peng Changyi lowered his head to drink water。
Zhai Bingde said:“check it out。”Talking,Left a letter on the corner of the table。
Peng Changyi hurriedly got up,Took it,one look,It is the complaint letter written by Old Man Gao。He wiped a sweat,Just put the letter far away。
“what do you think?”
“I,A bit at a loss,Why is it like this?”The expression on Peng Changyi’s face is innocent。
“Isn’t this what you want?”Zhai Bingde stared at him and asked。
Peng Changyi looked up at the secretary,Pretending to be confused:“I……hope?”
“Yes,You can be famous now。”
Peng Changyi was disgusted by what he said,Also very awkward,But dare not refute,Said in a grievance:“Those who have been famous throughout the ages are those revolutionary martyrs who died in Sanyuan,I’m afraid I don’t even have the qualifications to be stinky for thousands of years。”
“You are still emotional?”Zhai Bingde said with a cold face。
“Dare not,I know the leader is not satisfied with this,But I don’t have a better way,Deep,For fear of hurting people’s feelings,It’s too shallow。Publicity is not good,It’s not good to be unassuming,It’s even worse to advertise in a large area,So some places can only take quiet actions,This happened,Nothing in other villages,This is the Jiudaoliangzi Village,This old man is a professional complaint,I got on the train and left with my bag and two pancakes.,Fortunately this time, it’s Jinan,Sometimes go directly to Beijing。”


Chapter six hundred and fifty seven difficult
“.”How simple.Xie Yun pulled out his tie,Calm down。
“Pro treasure,You have to understand one thing first,these things,Invisible。The Zou family is gone because of this,The Xie family was almost gone,The saying at that time was that things were abroad。If it weren’t for the Xie family to donate money and start a school,How can the official face give us Xie Jia.”Xie Yunchu wry smile,“An Shicheng, they always think I don’t deserve you,Because of this relationship。My life experience,Not clean。Stained。do you understand?”
Qinbao is the offspring of a great hero,Parents and mothers are heroes with roots,A prominent and noble background,She herself is upright and kind,And his family background seems innocent and noble,in fact,Full of stains。This stain,Ordinary people can’t see it,Don’t care,Only those who have reached a certain height,Or let yourself stand up to a certain height,Will pay attention。
Lintel,Since ancient times,Actually never disappeared。Just because there are so many people who don’t care,So it seems to disappear。And when a person has enough wealth and status,The lintel came from something like this,It should show up,Even become a capped existence。
At their grassroots,There are many people who care about birth。even,Birth determines a person’s height。
Just like now,After Qinbao’s life experience was exposed,Fewer people are thinking about her,But those who continue to worry about her or those who are concerned about her because of her life experience being made public,Are all incredible people。obviously,Everyone understands,What does your life experience mean。
Ou Zhaozhao’s background is already very good,But because she is a woman,Looks like he made his fortune on the family property of his deceased husband,So I have been criticized,contempt。But now,After combining Anton’s life experience and status,,Pro treasure,It can be said,In their circle,Is the top-level existence。Those wealthy talents were not as good as hers,The ladies with good backgrounds,Has been completely crushed by my own treasure。
Future pro-bao’s child,Will be the top。If you don’t have a baby with him,,Her offspring,Background is only better。
Xie family looked at Qinggui,Not an ordinary businessman,But because of the early years,With flaws like stains。
If you don’t care,In fact, the problem is not big。But if you mention it,Is a big problem。
Baby Ou naturally knows this,But she doesn’t care about this kind of thing。Prince and general Xiangning has a kind。Really need to talk about birth,Except for the descendants of those saints,Whose background is different。But Baby Ou also understands,This intangible but seemingly tangible thing,Is the worst。
“The history of capital is all about exploiting labor。Find the rich man in this world,It’s impossible to be absolutely humane and fair。You don’t have to be so pessimistic.”Why did it suddenly become psychological counseling??Baby Ou scratching his head,“You are not someone who feels inferior because of this kind of thing?”
Xie Yun blinked,“I’m。”
“.”bad boy。Is it a bit too late to be rebellious in his twenties??Baby Ou coughed,“Serious。If you care about this stain,Then,these things,Should be be frank,I really don’t understand,Why did your family sacrifice so many people?,Want to keep this thing?If you hand it in early,Before the Zou family,There may not be no chance for everyone to be safe。”
Where does Xie Yun know?,“Think about it,At that time, my grandfather took away a boat,Xie’s family actually had nothing left。Those people must be reluctant,Then point to those things,Let the Xie family get up again。Besides,People like me in the new era,Sitting on a lot of wealth,Will not bear those things,You want,Those thanking family members,Only more reluctant.”

“You go too。”

Ling Xiaoyun shook his head。The tone calmed down again,Said lightly to Qin Liang。
“Then i’m out……”
Qin Liang said one last word to Ling Xiaoyun,Sigh in my heart,Turned around and walked out of the room with heavy steps,Shut the door easily,Then I looked at everyone around the door,Did not say a word。
“Why did you come out?You are not afraid of him running?”
Yang Shiyun asked stupidly。
Others dare not speak,She can’t help but speak,After all, she is the chief of public security,The responsibility and mission on her shoulders,Heavier than others。
“He can’t run。”
Qin Liang only answered faintly,Stop talking。
No one speaks anymore,The corridor is quiet。
A moment later,A crisp gunshot came from the room where the door was closed……
“Ugh……It’s over,Suspect Ling Xiaoyun……Commit suicide,You can go in。”
Qin Liang whispered,Then walked out in front of everyone blankly。
Yang Shiyun walked a few steps to the door of that office,Reach out and open the door。
in the room,Ling Xiaoyun sat on his back in a chair,The gun in his hand fell to the ground,A blood hole in the temple,Blood is flowing from his face……
Looked at the scene in shock,Yang Shiyun stood silly for a while,Then he turned and left the door,Several detectives walked into the room from her side。
“No wonder Qin Liang did that just now……He knew that Ling Xiaoyun was going to commit suicide……This dead thing,So fierce to me,Humph……”
Yang Shiyun finally figured it out,But I feel awkward,Because Qin Liang’s attitude was very bad just now,Make her feel hurt。

Peng Changyi said:“under normal circumstances,This is indeed a natural thing,A former customer came to inquire about the address of the clinic upstairs,Tell if she wants,Nothing to tell,But she asked me what my last name was,This is not normal,Especially after asking me,Still didn’t tell me where the clinic moved,You said,Can’t I see the flaw here??obviously,This is what Xiao Chen told the boss here,Keep the surname Peng secret,Especially my surname Peng is still a rare surname。”

“Oh——”Old Gu nodded subconsciously。
Peng Changyi continued:“In addition,As soon as I walked in, I found a strange thing,Dafan old store moving,Will post a notice on the original shop location,Tell the old customers the address of the new store,But I didn’t find any telling signs there,Plus, I asked for my last name,Front and back association,The result is naturally clearer。”
Old Gu sighed,Said:“That’s it,It seems,in any circumstances,No one else can fool you!”
Peng Changyi said:“There is a situation that can be fooled,I can fool when I am willing to let others fool。”
Old Gu took a deep breath,He admired Peng Changyi more。
Peng Changyi saw that Old Gu stopped talking,Just stared at the front rearview mirror and said:“What happened,It’s this time,Don’t explain yet?How long do you want to hide?”
Old Gu smiled,He coughed twice,He confessed the inside story to Peng Changyi。
original,Last time Peng Changyi told Lao Gu,Say Chen Jing is here,Let him come over to find out about Chen Jing,At that time, Lao Gu really didn’t know that Peng Changyi met Chen Jing here,The night after receiving Peng Changyi’s will,After Old Gu drove to the provincial government guest house,Just carry,Pretending to be walking,Wandered into the alley,Stopped at the door of the foot massage shop,The waiter will come out immediately,Greet him in。
Lao Gu didn’t do pedicures,He asked the waiter about the price,The waiter handed him a price list of service items,He was sitting on the chair next to him,Watching the price list absently。Still chatting with the waiter,Asked:“You have a Chinese medicine clinic upstairs?”
“How is the doctor’s medical skills in the clinic??”Old Gu asked each and every one。
“Of course good!Came back from studying abroad,Can it be bad?”
Gu looked at the waiter,Said:“Can you return from studying abroad??Chinese medicine was originally invented by our ancestors,What can I learn when going abroad?”
The waiter listened to him,Don’t say anything。

Look like,The contrast is a bit big,Qin Liang couldn’t accept it immediately……

“how about it?Sister Shanshan,Is my little cat cute??Do you like me very much?”
Seeing everyone looking at themselves with surprise,Liu Xiaoyun was proud in an instant,So she used a louder and more charming loli,Continue to talk to Murong Shan acting like a baby……
“Ok,Xiaoyun,I really took you!You are really amazing!Your little cat is really cute!I really like you!”
Murong Shan gave in convincingly!
“too frightening!You want to say you are not a little monster,I don’t believe it anymore. Now!”
Qin Liang said tangledly……
“Brother, what are you talking about?How can i not understand?Why is she like a monster??”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to play Xiao Lolita。
“You look like everywhere……”
Qin Liang said helplessly。
“So annoying……People are so cute,You actually said that they are monsters!Humph,I won’t play with you,I go home to find my mother!Ignore you!”
Liu Xiaoyun is having fun,Uncontrollable rhythm!
“amazing!Unexpectedly you will do this!Great!so amazing!But i’m curious,Where did you get this skill?”
Qin Liang asked honestly。“I learned it with Xiaoxue,Ha ha,I’m nothing,If Xiaoxue give you a performance,I promise you can’t even sit in a chair!That’s so cute!Even when I first saw her perform for me,I have the rhythm that my whole body is crisp

“It’s too damn exaggerated……”

Qin Liang said the same thing。
“Take as much as you can,Try to get more。“
Two small civilian officers who are responsible for helping tell everyone。
”This time we have to work harder,Each person brings three short guns,Three spears,Take as many bullets as possible。“
Qin Liang especially urged everyone。
”Boss,Choose yourself or?“
Yang Zhi asked, tilting his neck。
”such,Except for automatic rifles,Each person carries another sniper rifle,A portable machine gun,Also bring four bazookas。“
Qin Liang thought about it。
”Boss,Are you trying to exhaust us?Haha,I feel like you are taking us to destroy the rhythm of the world!“
A special fighter named Li Tao joked。
”Ugh……If there is one that can store ammunition indefinitely,The space burden of guns is just fine,Lest you take too much every time you go out,When I used it, I felt that I was carrying less……“
Qin Liang said with emotion。
”It’s ok,We can grab the other party’s use when we run out,Ha ha。”
Another special fighter also joined in the fun and said。
“No show this time,The opponent is a rebel army with more than 3,000 armed forces,And definitely have a lot of heavy weapons,Grab them?I guess you don’t have to come back if you go。Haha……”
Qin Liang said haha。
“My grass!Rebels?More than three thousand people?”

“this behavior,Scam,Should be caught and go to jail!”

“Correct,Call the police!Catch and go to jail!”
For a while,Anger。
Young people who are still standing on the moral high ground,Speechless,Bowed their heads one after another,Hot red complexion。
I wanted to do me a favor today,Then get a share,But who knows,Actually messed up。
And the news media that were invited,Seeing that this side has the disadvantage,Close the lens decisively,Then they were calling their respective leaders,This news,I’m afraid I can’t broadcast it anymore。
“How can this be?”
“How does he know this?”
Ren Yingying was shocked。
But Tanakashin’s face is gloomy,Gritted teeth in a low voice:“This fool again!”
“Every time it’s his good deeds!I want to kill him,Swear not to be human!”
Originally discouraged,Ren Yurou, who has made up various scenes in his mind,Mixed feelings。
This Ye Tianzong,Always bring surprises to yourself。
although,He occasionally gets sick,But when normal,But has a unique charm。
“Wife,I said,do not worry,Everything has me。”
Ye Tian got up and stood up,By the way‘Young victim’,Like an eagle carrying a chick,stand up。

Qin Liang won’t do it,Especially when it comes to the girls of the Shen family。The key is;He dare not do this……

“Yes,Brother-in-law’s advantage is what I admire most!Obviously he is invincible in the world,In front of girls but not machismo at all,I know it’s a girl,Praise!”
Shen Ruoxue praises Qin Liang from the heart,I stretched out my hands and made a heart-felt movement。
“Ashamed……”Qin Liang said to himself secretly in his heart!In fact, he still has some male chauvinism in his bones,But his male chauvinism is usually aimed at outsiders,Isn’t it just by my side“relationship”Special girls alone together
when,Especially with my sister“affectionate”when,He often does not ask for his sister’s consent in advance,Just force this or that……
of course,A girl who was forced by him,They are all related to him well enough to give birth to him!
“This is what I usually call Lianxiangxiyu。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled and asked。
“Yep,Yes,Just know that Lianxiangxiyu,You are very accurate。”
Shen Ruoxue nodded and said yes。
“I have a hasty,What do you two want to do? This is?Just praise me casually,You boast like this endlessly,Although I have a thicker skin,But i still blush。”
Qin Liang said with a guilty conscience。
“really?I’ve never seen your brother-in-law blush before!Come,Show me the red one。”