Yichang Lingting District and the Yangtze River Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) (Correspondent Hu Mengxiao Pei Xiao) On April 27, Lingting District signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yangtze River Industry Group and held the unveiling ceremony of the Yangtze River Pavilion Industry Development Promotion Center.

The Yangtze River Industry Group mainly focuses on the construction of national strategies and Hubei Province’s modern industrial cluster. Relying on 10 billion yuan of Yangtze River Venture Investment Fund and 40 billion yuan of Yangtze River Industry Investment Fund, it focuses on creating a new generation of information technology, biomedicine, new energy, modern chemicals, and modern chemicals, and modern chemicals, modern chemicals, and modern chemicals. The six major industrial sectors of ecological environmental protection, automobiles and components, support high -tech enterprises incubation and cultivation, leading enterprise development and growth, and major industrial projects. The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time includes a co -construction industrial promotion center, initiating the establishment of industrial funds, creating the capital market service ecosystem, carrying out cooperation in the field of green transformation, promoting major science and technology innovation platform cooperation, enhancing the cooperation of corporate vitality, empowering urban digital economy , Cooperate 8 aspects such as digital transformation of archives resources. At the signing site, the two parties also signed a co -construction agreement between the Industrial Development Promotion Center and the Yangtze River Pavilion Industrial Fund Cooperation Agreement.

The Industrial Development Promotion Center will aim at the commanding heights of the development of modern chemical, new energy, biomedicine and other industries, and focus on the development of the leading industrial development, the cultivation of high -energy enterprises, the construction of innovative industrial clusters, and the management of "dual carbon dual control". In -depth research on the development level of the macro strategy to the development of micro -enterprises, providing a reference for decision -making for innovative resources, industrial development, and investment and financing strategies in related industries. It is reported that after the establishment of the Yangtze River Pavilion Industry Investment Fund, Lingting District will actively explore a new model of fund investment, give full play to the advantages of the fund and local resource, and promote the transformation and upgrading of key industries in the region through fund investment and operation, and promote high -quality economic development.

When does the Russian special military operation end? Listen to what the experts say

It was reported on May 27th that the Russian Liberty Media Network published entitled "When will the Z -character special action end?" "Article. According to the article, according to Vasili Kashen, director of the European and International Comprehensive Research Center of the School of Economics of Russia, special military operations in Ukraine may be dragged for a few more months, and it will not come to an end by the end of the year. He believes that the war will not end before the cold season, and the situation of Ukraine’s humancism will continue to deteriorate. The article wrote that Alexander Shayirov, deputy doctor of political science and director of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Economics and Economics, believes that special military operations may last for months to half a year. Sajilov: In the future, Russia and the West may divide Ukraine into two, and establish a buffer zone in the middle of its territory.

Obviously, Ukraine’s current political leadership continues to be unacceptable for Russia.

In my opinion, Moscow will not only adhere to some territory, but also require the West to choose a more acceptable and more capable candidate for negotiations, a candidate that is different from Zelezki and can establish a constructive relationship with Russia. In order to make concessions in the West, of course, some achievements need to be achieved, that is, to win within the next half year. Liberty Media Network: Do you mean that our army is going to the western border of Ukraine, or is it enough to reach the Dieber River? Sajilov: Only when we hit the border of Western Ukraine can we have a barrier zone in somewhere in central Ukraine.

I think that before that, the Western and Zelianzki regime will resist fiercely, as they say, fighting to the last Ukrainian.

China -Japan Joint Innovation Center start operation

Original title: China -Japan United Innovation Center launched the operation of Xinhuanet, Chengdu, May 19th (Xu Mengfan) Recently, the Chengdu High -tech Zone has another foreign cooperation platform -China -Japan United Innovation Center launched operations.

The China -Japan Joint Innovation Center is a professional building specialty building built by Chengdu High -tech Zone and the overall operation of Yingchuang Power. It is located in the core area of ??the Dayuan CBD of the high -tech zone. Dragon areas, gathered diverse integration and innovation formats such as catering, entertainment, long -term rental apartments, and business to form an ecological art complex of "apartment+commercial district+office building".

Surrounding schools, hospitals and other communities are complete. According to the idea of ??"government -led+market entity+commercial logic", China -Japan Joint Innovation Center empowers the development of the Sino -Japanese industry in core functions such as investment promotion negotiations, exhibitions on Japan’s open results, and economic and trade exchanges in Japan. At present, the first company Chengdu Lingzhong High Investment Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has settled in.

"The China -Japan Joint Innovation Center will focus on attracting well -known Japanese enterprises, SMEs (including joint ventures), SMEs (including joint ventures), high -energy head enterprises in China, head enterprises in Japan’s subdivision, Chinese -funded cooperation companies, and Japanese cooperation agencies, etc. Essence

"The relevant person in charge of the International Cooperation and Investment Service Bureau of Chengdu High -tech Zone said that in the next step, the center will also build a high -level talent gathering and exchange center, carry out talent introduction and cultivation services, and promote the integration and development of" industry, university, research capital ".

In May 2020, the China -Japan (Chengdu) local development cooperation demonstration area was established. The three major areas of the demonstration area include the Gazette Valley area of ??Chengdu High -tech Zone, the riding dragon area and the future technology city area. As of now, Chengdu High -tech Zone has signed 14 contracts for Japan.

In 2021, Chengdu High -tech Zone realized imports and exports to foreign trade in Japan.

(Responsible editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

Let more patients with rare diseases see the hope of birth

The hopes of more than 20 million patients in China are even brighter.

After 2019, this year’s government work report has once again proposed that "strengthening rare medical drug protection".

  Seeing this content, Yang Linhua, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the Institute of Hematology of Shanxi Medical University, couldn’t help but praise: "The government work report involves the affairs of our country. Easy. "According to the definition of the World Health Organization, rare diseases refer to diseases that have a total population of -1 ‰ of the total population. According to the data released by the National Health and Health Commission, more than 60 rare diseases have been approved to be listed in China, of which more than 40 are included in the national medical insurance directory, involving 25 diseases.

After the national medical insurance negotiations in December last year, there were 7 kinds of rare medical drug negotiations successfully, and they were included in the latest version of the national medical insurance catalog, with an average price of 65%.

  More and more rare patients are not only seen, but also can use "life -saving medicine" to see the hope of life.

  "Any small group should not be abandoned." Since serving as a representative of the National People’s Congress, Yang Linhua has been providing suggestions for the treatment of rare diseases.

As a hematological expert, she had encountered some patients with hemophilia.

Data show that the incidence of social crowds of hemophilia is 5-10/100,000, and in May 2018, it was included in the "First Batch of Rare Diseases" in my country. The blood of patients with hemophilia lacks a kind of coagulation factor and requires repeated injection of coagulation factors to ensure normal coagulation function. Last year, the drug "human coagulation factor IX" used to treat type B hemophilia (coagulation factor IX deficiency) was included in the latest adjustment of the national medical insurance drug directory. There are 6 rare diseases that are included in the scope of medical insurance, including Nosna sodium injection for the treatment of spinal muscle atrophy (SMA). The annual treatment costs exceeded 1 million yuan, and the price was reduced to more than 30,000 yuan/needle after being included in medical insurance. At that time, a sentence that the national medical insurance negotiator said became a "golden sentence": "No small group should be abandoned.

Du Liqun, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and the nurses of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Nanning, Guangxi, talked about a detail in an interview with the media: Guangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the only China SMA Diagnosis and Treatment Center Unit in Guangxi. There are only two patients who injected this drug through the hospital. After incorporating the "big price reduction" in the medical insurance, more than 20 patients have begun to use, and more patients are registering for medication.

  Behind the medicine that treats rare diseases, there is a tortuous story of a family.

As a doctor, Yang Linhua has seen the pain of many rare patients with his own eyes, and he can understand their demands. Although the supply of drugs has improved greatly today, for patients, treatment costs are always a heavy burden.

As a doctor, what he is most looking forward to is to allow more patients with rare diseases to take medicine. "If we can take medicine for patients, he will contribute to the society like a normal person in the future.

"Most of the patients with rare diseases are facing difficulties in diagnosis and no medicine. In addition, because of the small scale of patients, the cost of rare diseases is difficult to cover. Huang Rufang, the founder of Rare Disease Center, is also a rare disease patient with pseudo -cartilage development. Since 2008, he has been trying to promote changes in the system and policy level of rare diseases.

In his opinion, since the 2019 government work report first mentioned rare diseases, the whole society has comprehensively increased the attention of rare disease groups. This year’s government work report once again mentioned "strengthening rare medical drug protection", which shows that the country pays more and more attention to this. "The country must have made great determination to promote the use of medication for patients with rare diseases.

"Multi -channel reduces the burden of rare disease medicine. Huang Rufang felt that last year was a" milestone "type of a rare medical treatment. Because the latest version of the national medical insurance catalog was updated at the end of last year, 7 rare diseases were added, including Nosina sodium injection Equal high -value drugs.

In addition, the State Drug Administration is also accelerating the review and approval of rare diseases. Hainan Boao also opened a "special channel" to allow some rare diseases to "test first" here. However, most of the rare diseases that have not yet been included in the scope of medical insurance are still most.

Therefore, many representative members also appealed at the two sessions this year to reduce the burden of medication for patients with rare diseases through various methods. "It is not realistic to rely on national medical insurance.

"Fang Laiying, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the Chinese Hospital Association, said that in general, the use of rare diseases is very low, and large -scale production and sales may not be formed in a certain area.

He suggested that social forces can be mobilized, considering the overall design of national medical insurance, commercial insurance, various charity funds, and public welfare organizations, and supplemented from different perspectives.

However, he also emphasized: "This requires a new policy design, hoping to have a department to study it.

"Mao Zongfu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the Global Health Research Center of Wuhan University, analyzed that there are many types of rare diseases, fewer people, and less available medicines. Common and extraordinary basic disease treatment space for treatment.

Therefore, he suggested that in addition to national medical insurance, inclusive insurance and other innovative payment methods can also be used to solve the problem of "no medicine or medicine" for patients with rare diseases.

  In recent years, in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities have been carrying out new attempts to include inclusive commercial health supplementary insurance (hereinafter referred to as "inclusive insurance") into the rare diseases. Mao Zongfu believes that while clarifying the "basic, subject, and pocket" government responsibility, through innovative social business cooperation, HP insurance has become a "mass medical health insurance" that facilitates millions of households. Ding Jie, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chief physician of Peking University First Hospital, suggested that the work system and mechanism of provincial -level rare medical assistance funds for rare medical assistance funds at the provincial -level rare diseases. The workflow is comfortable to avoid unclear responsibilities and the policy cannot be implemented; the social charity institutions and social mutual assistance organizations are relative to the basic medical insurance system of the government to ensure that the good funds and rescue funds enter the medical insurance payment mechanism in an orderly manner; Formulate the operation process to clarify specific operation methods and details such as "where the money comes from, where to go, and whether to enter the patient’s medical payment account". As a rare patient, Huang Rufang is looking forward to the addition of commercial insurance and charitable organizations, but he also admits that he is even more looking forward to the national medical insurance or local medical insurance departments "one step forward."

"After all, inclusive commercial insurance is not the main force of solving rare diseases.

"He believes that it should be allowed to try first, and try to test some of the rare diseases that are special and urgent.

Hebei: The most stringent arable land protection system is implemented to build the foundation of food safety

On May 25, the Malan Farm wheat in Xinji City was overwhelming and hoping. People’s Network Zhu Pengtao Photo People’s Network Shijiazhuang, May 31st (Zhu Pengtao) In the early summer season, Winter Wheat in Hebei Province entered the grouting period. At present, wheat in the whole province is happy, and summer grain harvests are looking at it.

The cultivated land is the lifeblood of grain production. In recent years, Hebei Province has resolutely curbed the "non -agricultural chemical" of cultivated land, prevent "non -graining", and implements the strictest arable land protection system.

According to reports, this year Hebei Province will carry out special actions of cultivated land protection this year, pay close attention to key issues and key tasks, and achieve the quantity and quality of the quantity and quality. System, carry out special rectification of illegal occupation of cultivated land, and designate three control lines in accordance with the priority of the protection of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland to firmly keep the red line of cultivated land. Promote the construction of high -standard farmland, and continuously consolidate and improve the production capacity of food. Promote the responsibility system, the whole grid protects the red line of the cultivated land, and in Yutian County, Tangshan City, the continuous farmland is like an endless green wave.

In November last year, Yutian County took the lead in implementing the Tianchang system in Hebei Province. The main leaders of counties, townships, and villages served as Tianchang. At present, the county, township, and village -level field systems have been initially established.

So how does Tian Chang protect the field? According to reports, there are prizes and penalties under the Tianchang system. By strengthening the responsibility of the land protection land protection of townships and townships, the establishment of a arable land protection inspector assessment and incentive reward and punishment mechanism. The Organization Department of Yutian County Party Committee includes the protection of cultivated land into the year -end assessment of the township party committee and government. The results of the assessment are the important basis for the assessment of the ecological civilization construction of leading cadres and the audit of natural resource assets. Each townships conduct joint law enforcement inspections every week and include inspections into village -level assessments. Once they are found to be "non -agricultural chemical", illegal house construction, etc. If the village -level Tianchang will not stop or report Deduction is performed and linked to performance salary. It is understood that after the implementation of the Tianchang system, Yutian County’s land improvement and prevention of violations were carried out simultaneously. Through the continuous inspection of grid members, a total of 39 new construction land was found. 12 were stopped in time, and the original appearance was restored as soon as possible.

At the same time, Yutian County relies on big data, "Sky Eye", drone inspection, and satellite remote sensing technology to conduct real -time intelligent monitoring of the county’s cultivated land and permanent basic farmland through graphic recognition, front and rear images comparison, etc. More accurate and more timely. Implement the hard measures for "long teeth", curb the "non -agricultural chemical" of cultivated land, and prevent "non -graining" from early March. Baoding City has launched a special rectification of "Spring Thunder Action" to crack down on illegal and illegal land.

After investigation and rectification, a total of 216 illegal plans were investigated, and the total area of ??cultivated land acres was now in place. At the same time, dynamic inspections have been strengthened, and many new illegal and illegal land use behaviors have been discovered. Especially during the inspection process, the competing show found that the west of Yinzhuang Village, Dajindian Town was illegally covered by the construction of sand farms, and covered an area of ??acres. organ. In recent years, the adjustment of agricultural structure and ecological construction have crowded valuable cultivated land resources, leading to "non -grainization" of cultivated land and threatening national food security.

From this year, Hebei Province will implement the "in -depth balance" management of the annual arable land, and check the implementation of the municipal cultivated land "in -depth balance" every year. arable land. Implement the priority of protection of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland. According to Liang Wan, deputy director of the Farm Insurance Office of the Hebei Provincial Department of Natural Resources, according to the deployment of national arrangements, Hebei Province is in accordance with the order of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, ecological protection red line, and urban development boundaries. The cultivation of cultivated land should be allocated. All the permanent basic farmland is all the cultivation of cultivated land for long -term stable use of cultivated land and incorporated a cultivated land protection target. To empower science and technology, farmers increase the protection of cultivated land in farmers, and the quality must also be promoted. In the Malaysia Farm in Xinlou Town, Xinji City, more than 4,300 acres of wheat field roots are thick and strong, and the spikes are full.

Adhere to the rule of law to lead the "Tianjin Experience" to win the Chinese Rule of Law Government Award Nomination Award

Original title: "Tianjin Experience" won the China Rule of Law Government Award Nomination Award on March 20th. At the Sixth China Rule of Law Government Award at the Sixth China Rule of Law Government Award in Beijing, the Tianjin Planning and Natural Resources Bureau’s "Adhering to the rule of law leads to comprehensively strengthen the wetland comprehensively strengthening the wetland The Restoration of the Nature Reserve has won the Sixth China Rule of Law Government Award Nomination Award. It is understood that the Chinese Government Award of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law was established in 2010 by the China University of Political Science and Law and the Government Research Institute of the Law of the University of Political Science and Law. It is held every two years. It aims to promote the construction of new achievements in the construction of the rule of law and play its leadership role. Since the announcement of the declaration announcement on March 15, 2021, the 6th China Rule of Law Government Award has actively reported it. The organizers have received a total of 218 declarations. 35 shortlisted projects.

At the final hearing, 13 judges were scored on the basis of comprehensive consideration of the reporting content and on -site statements. In the end, a total of 15 Chinese Government Awards and 20 Chinese Rule of Law Government Award Nomination Award were selected.

  In recent years, Tianjin has adhered to the rule of law and comprehensively strengthened the repair of the wetland nature reserve. By strengthening the wetland protection legislation, planning for planning and decision -making, in accordance with laws and regulations and strict management, and actively promoted the "1+4" wetland protection plan, the ecosystem system, the ecosystem system Texting improvement, biological diversity has improved significantly. (Reporter Chen Yan) (Responsible editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Share more people see it.

All sectors of the society help Hong Kong to resist immunity

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, April 5th (Reporter Wei Yan) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government began to send "epidemic prevention service packages" to citizens across Hong Kong on the 2nd. This action has been widely supported by all sectors of Hong Kong. Help the SAR government distribute materials.

  A total of 3.5 million "epidemic prevention service packages" distributed by the SAR government. Previously, more than 10,000 celebrities responded to the call of the SAR government to participate in service packaging packaging. According to the arrangement, the goal of distribution work is completed within 7 days.

The Hong Kong Trade Union Federation (Industry Federation) stated that it will participate in materials distribution work in a seventh day in a row. It is hoped that the citizens of Hong Kong will receive an epidemic prevention and epidemic work after receiving the anti -epidemic supplies that the central government expresses concern to Hong Kong people as soon as possible, so Early and zero, the society returned to normal operation.

  This is a large -scale mobilization of various associations, regional service offices, parliament offices, and "Industry Federation Anti -Evaporation Volunteers Actions" to participate in the anti -epidemic activity after earlier participation in the packaging activities.

  The Shatian team of the Democratic Construction and Hong Kong Association (DAB) has actively responded to it. Recently, more than 30 master workers were sent to assist the Shatian Civil Affairs Office to send the "epidemic prevention service package" to more than 1,500 Tanglou families in Dawei, and called on residents to support the SAR government. The call was performed on April 8th, 9th, and 10th to conduct three fast tests, so that the government can master the infection of the whole Hong Kong and make a good deployment for future resistance.

  In addition to helping the government resistance, multiple groups also spontaneously act to help people in need. The Hong Kong Education Workers ‘Federation (Education Federation) Teacher Volunteer Network and the Hong Kong Education Workers’ Union held a six -day educational industry "Teacher Ren" warm -up operation, and recently held a "teacher community service day".

  Huang Jinliang, chairman of the Federation of Education, said that since the fifth wave of epidemic, the Federation of Education has mobilized more than 500 teachers volunteer to conduct resistance in various districts, including sending lunch boxes to the elderly, ethnic minorities and front line cleaner, living materials and epidemic prevention. Bags, also visiting lonely and long -term patient retirement teachers, as well as assisting the government to pack and distribute "epidemic prevention service packages".

More than a thousand people have benefited so far.

In addition, the Federation of Education will be presented to the same time to work to the education community to ensure personal health.

  The "Hong Kong Re -Departure Alliance" (Grand Alliance) sent children’s masks and anti -epidemic -hearted packages to multiple volunteer groups, households and ethnic minorities. When Chen Zhenbin, deputy secretary -general of the Grand Alliance, said that he would do his best when he sent anti -epidemic supplies in the households, and he would do his best to resist the public with the public. He hoped that Hong Kong could return to the right track as soon as possible.

  In order to support frontline volunteer epidemic prevention and resistance, China Everbright Holdings Co., Ltd. and China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Co., Ltd. donated 73 boxes of epidemic prevention materials to the New Territories Township Council and held a donation ceremony on the 4th.

Liu Yeqiang, chairman of the Township Council, thanked Guangda Holdings to donate epidemic prevention supplies to the New Territories, saying that he would transfer materials to villagers who needed materials as soon as possible. He hoped that Hong Kong society would be one heart, watched from all walks of life to help, and fully resist the disease.

  China Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation and other institutions have donated 400,000 medical masks and 140,000 boxes of fast detection reagents to Hong Kong citizens.

A number of receiving groups said that with the strong support of the central and mainland sectors, Hong Kong united to resist the epidemic and will be able to get out of the predicament of the epidemic. (Responsible editor: Bai Yu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see it.

All departments in Lanzhou City have made their efforts to ensure the smooth operation of the city

Original title: The various departments of our city are based on their own positions to ensure that the city’s "May Day" holiday is approaching. In order to ensure that the people in the city have a happy and safe festival, all departments of Lanzhou City and actively actively implement the "external defense input input input The prevention and control measures of internal prevention and rebounds should be used to ensure that the market order is stable, the production and operation is safe and orderly, and the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work is in place, and the people’s livelihood guarantee work during the festival.

Lanzhou New District: Multiple departments jointly guarantee the "May Day" holiday of the people’s livelihood. In the past few days, various departments of the Lanzhou New District linkage to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the economy and society. From now until May 7th, the New District Market Supervision Bureau will conduct a major inspection of safety production work in key market supervision industries within its jurisdiction to ensure the security and stability of the market order during the May 1st period. Inspection areas include market supervision, product quality, special equipment safety, food safety, drug safety, and epidemic prevention and control. Recently, the large -scale inspection work in the field of urban construction transportation in the New District in 2022 was officially launched.

This big inspection from now until the end of the year. In the past few days, the Lanzhou New District Fire Rescue Detachment Joint Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Urban -Rural Development and Transportation Administration have jointly conducted special inspections at construction site fire products. The Qinchuan Park organizes a comprehensive inspection team of the Chemical Engineering Office, the Emergency Administration Bureau, and the Market Supervision Bureau to comprehensively carry out the pre -festival safety inspection of the chemical park project. Zhang Jianping Market Supervision Bureau of Lanzhou Daily all -media reporter: In order to ensure the safety inspection of special equipment before the holidays, the city’s special equipment is safe. In the past few days, the Lanzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has solidly launched the "May 1st" pre -festival before the May Day Festival Special equipment safety inspections. From the current inspection situation, the city’s special equipment is operating normally. During the festival, special equipment use units will further strengthen emergency duty and emergency response work. In this inspection, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team, and the County Market Supervision Bureau formed a joint inspection team to combine the characteristics of the "May Day" holiday festival, with tourist attractions, playgrounds, commercial complexes, hospitals, museums, museums, museums The special equipment such as passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities, sightseeing vehicles, and elevators are used to wait for the densely venues to be located. Strengthen risk control, strengthen emergency duty and personnel training, and ensure the safety of special equipment during the festival. Lanzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Zheng Lijun Guo.com Gansu Institute of Electric Science and Technology for saving the province’s electricity and worry -free worries on April 29th. The operation is safe and reliable. In the past few days, the State Grid Academy of Power Science and Technology of the Gansu Electric Sciences has been actively preparing for the "May Day" to ensure power supply, and carefully summarizes the experience of monitoring the state of power and transformation equipment in the past years, sorting out the main defects of the grid operation, and "Five Five "The situation of" electricity in the power preservation situation has been conducted in -depth research and analysis, formulated a practical and feasible electricity preservation solution, and thoroughly investigated the safety hazards of the equipment to ensure the safe and reliable power supply of equipment during the festival, and strive to achieve the goal of zero errors during the "May Day" festival. During the "May 1st" period this year, the professional and technical personnel of the Science and Technology Sciences will keep all the members’ communication and receive various types of warning alarm information in a timely manner. Operating and maintenance units, urge them to carry out related work, actively implement emergency security organization management, effectively improve power supply guarantee capabilities, and ensure that the people’s people’s use of electricity during the "May 1st" period of the province is worry -free.

Li Xin (responsible editor: Jiao Long, Wang Tong) of Lanzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Li Xin let more people see the client download.

Establish the feelings that live up to the people

"The world’s weight is not the most important than the people’s livelihood; the world is bigger than the hearts of the people." In the opening class of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration) in the spring of 2022, President Xi emphasized that young cadres must "establish establishment The feelings of the people who live up to the people, the pursuit of noble and pure ideological realm, dedication to the party and the people’s cause, and leaving no regrets in the new era and new journey. " The affectionate teachings are full of ardent expectations for young cadres. Since its establishment, the Communist Party of China has written the people on its own flag since its establishment, and governing the people has always been the starting point and end of our party’s work.

Whether it was the revolutionary war years, countless Communist Party members were successor to fight for national independence and the people’s liberation, and throwing blood, or during the peaceful construction period, many people and servants of the people were dedicated to the prosperity of the country and the people. Position and pursuit.

Over the past century, the party’s leadership has worked unremittingly, and has accumulated many valuable historical experience. The important one is to adhere to the people’s supremacy. Only when you are firm in ideals and convictions, do not forget your initial mission, take loyalty to the party, divide your worries for the party, do your job for the party, and create a fundamental political responsibility for the people, can you truly live up to the people.

Standing on the political stance centered on the people, to shape the lofty feelings that live up to the people, it is necessary to adhere to faith like Jiao Yulu, Gu Wenchang and other pioneers. The action of answering the action "who I am, for whom, and who rely on.", Interpret the truth that "the rivers and mountains are the people, the people are rivers and mountains, the mountains and mountains, and the people’s hearts."

If you don’t forget the people’s entrustment, no matter how difficult it is, you must not humiliate your mission.

"The fundamental purpose of leading the people to lead the people for revolution, construction, and reform is to let the people live a good life." Therefore, no matter how much challenges and pressures are facing, no matter how big the sacrifice is paid, it must always be unswerving and no. Surprisingly adheres to the benefits of the people. The majority of people choose to go with the party with unwavering party is a high degree of trust and heavy entrustment to the party. As party members and cadres, they must take on the people’s heavy trust with practical actions. As a party member and cadre of the army, to inherit the red gene of the people’s army, adhere to the pursuit of the value of the people, always raise the people’s interests over the top of their heads, and often think about "what to do when there is no war" and "what to rely on when something happens." With the iron shoulders and steel will of the iron shoulders and steels of "the more difficult it is to move forward", "the narrow road will win the brave win, the brave win the brave win" is the heavy responsibility of the strong army, hard work to win the excessive skill of future war, effectively deal with various risks challenges, resolutely protect peace, protect the people of the people Happy life.

Cherish the glory of serving the people. Why can the Communist Party of China be? One of the important reasons is that our party always represents the fundamental interests of the most vast people, and depends on the people’s rest and life and death. Without any special interests, it never represents the interests of any interest groups, any power groups, or any privileged class.

Today, although the test of warfire smoke is lacking, we still need to refine the boldness of the party and the people.

Loyalty to the party and live up to the people must be the same as one or one. If you shake your ideals and beliefs and deviate from the pursuit of value, you will inevitably make mistakes, go down, and even stand on the opposite side of the party and the people, and eventually pay a painful price. To cherish the glory of serving the people, we must always strengthen their ideals and beliefs, practice the party’s purpose, and often compare the party’s theory, line policy, policies, party rules, party discipline, and original mission. There are salt and salt and salt without salt and no salt, and always maintain the flesh and blood of the people, and keep the Communists’ clean colors. Looking back at the way, the people’s longing for a better life is always our goal.

Looking at the future, "live up to the people" is the manifestation of the original mission of the Communist Party, and it is also the best return to the people’s trust.

Every party member and cadre should establish and cultivate this kind of family feelings, and use the spirit of "the road is long and far away, and I will seek up and down". Long, go on, you can reach "," adhere to everything for the people, everything depends on the people, for the sake of the masses to dare to suffer, be happy, and not afraid of suffering, truly achieve the performance of the people, create the happy life of the people, make the great dreams working hard to work hard Struggle becomes reality.

(Author unit: Henan Provincial Military Region) (Editor: Wang Zifeng, Wang Keyuan).

The Dayu Temple in Xin Shao County is hidden in the legendary ancient temple on the banks of the Xin Shao River in Hunan!

The Dayu Temple in Xin Shao County is hidden in the legendary ancient temple on the banks of the Xin Shao River in Hunan! The legendary story of Dayu’s water, when it is a household name, it is well known that no one knows and no one knows. In memories, in the student days, we have read in the textbook. Therefore, the story of Dayu’s water control water from a young age has always remembered the story of Dayu’s water -controlling story "three more than the house". However, in the heart of Damei Hunan, the bright and new Shao Zizi rivers inherit the Dayu culture, the inheritance of the ancient temple of Dayu, and the inheritance of Dayu Temple village named after the Dayu Temple, but it is little known. few.

Even the local people who do not exceed 20km in the nearby house, and the local people who have no more than 3km through the distance have never heard of it.

Until the recently invited by Mr. Zhao Tao, Mr. Zhao Tao, Hunan Provincial Literary Federation, it was the first time that there was a Dayu Temple here. This was the first time on the afternoon of April 18th Village, walk into the Dayu Temple, then find and shoot Dayu Temple, explore and understand the Dayu culture inherited here. This is the first time that in New Shao, there is a deep hidden in the Xin Shao River in Hunan. Legendary Dayu Ancient Temple! -The historical data is provided by Zhao Tao-aerial pictures are photographed by Yang Yong-picture information by Lei Zhenliang photography.