Huaiye frowned directly,Of course he remembers this Zhang Xiaojiang,The Zhang Xiaojiang who almost killed his treasure。

“Wasn’t he transferred for negligence??Why did it pop up again?”
“They just dormant。Shelter from the limelight。”Ou Baobao picks vegetables for Huaiye,“Eat quickly。Deal with these people,Affect appetite。But the more it affects appetite,Eat more。”
Huaiye obviously really affects appetite,Can’t eat,But looking at it, it’s a treasure,But trying hard to eat,Bow your head,Started to eat too much。
The person sent by Zhang Xiaojiang,After arriving,I saw such a scene——The little empress and the little actor seem to have turned on a strange switch,In a very strange state and emotion,Eating。Although it’s not crazy enough to watch,but,Because the atmosphere is weird,and so,Looks a little scary.
Baby Ou stopped eating,Put down chopsticks,Wiping your mouth slowly,“Ok。”
Huaiye also stopped,Wipe your mouth,Then look at the visitor with cold eyes。
“.”on,A little scary。But at any rate, he was restored to the little empress they had seen,Come see each other,One of them speaks,“Ou Dong,please follow me。Mr. White,Please also。”
Huaiye stand up first,Holding baby,A protective gesture,Protecting Ou Baobao in the car。
Although I don’t know what happened,but,Huai Ye from the expression and abnormality of Bao’s face,I noticed something was wrong。Then,He will naturally protect Ou Baobao unconditionally。
They failed to make their own car,But after seeing all the work permits of the people over and the video with Zhang Xiaojiang,Got in their car。
Drove for about an hour,It’s supposed to be in the parish,After getting off,Baby Ou looked around,They are still in the city。Then,Just deliberately detour。
In front of me is a very humble unit,No sign,The gates are very old iron railing gates。Half open,Inside is an off-white four-story building,Ordinary to featureless,I can’t describe it。In other words,Just describe,There is an off-white four-story building,Windows are yellow,Door is yellow,The entire imperial capital,I don’t know how many such small buildings there are。

Xia Jihan said again:“It’s called Iron Egg,Still change?”

“to not fix,How can the name given by his father be changed?。”
At this moment, Liu Mei’s mother said:“The hukou his dad gave him is Zhao Tiedan。”
“Iron pill,Why are you talking about iron eggs??”Xia Jihan complained to Liu Mei and said。
Liu Mei smiled,Said:“Ha ha,I actually like iron eggs。Later, Zhao said I didn’t hear clearly,Actually, I know he deliberately teased me,Iron egg,As strong as you said,Easy to raise。”
Happiness overflows Liu Mei’s face,Xia Jihan looked very envious,This may be all a woman pursues。She suddenly remembered something,Said to Liu Mei:“I’m leaving,Not going to work tomorrow,I will come again。”
Liu Mei said:“Mayor Guan hasn’t come back yet??I have watched the press conference held by the provincial government in Jin’an,The responsible persons have been dealt with,The fishermen were also compensated accordingly,Water quality monitoring has also improved,Maybe he can catch his breath。”
Yes,She must watch the Jinan News these two days,I saw him look much better at noon today,He said that while taking Chinese medicine,Liu Tao’s grandma gave him moxibustion。As things get under control,He should go home。
Thinking so in my heart,I thought of Liu Mei saying she was pregnant,I really can’t care about this,She was thinking about buying test papers,I said goodbye to Liu Mei,Out。
Liu Mei came out just now,She received a call from Guan Hao:“Lili,I’ll be home in a while。”
“what?Gosh,You are finally back?What to eat?”She was surprised。
“Don’t want to eat anything,Make some porridge。”His voice is full of exhaustion。

in fact,Ye Xuan knew,They will definitely get nothing。

And now,In fact, Ye Xuan has already acquired an existence closely related to this place。
So when Ye Xuan looked at all this,Actually for these,Ye Xuan itself,On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about。
“All right,Actually now,You come with me。”
Ye Xuan waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。
Those people around saw Ye Xuan like this,Nodded one after another,Followed Ye Xuan。
Although I don’t know where Ye Xuan went,But these,In fact, it doesn’t affect Ye Xuan’s tall image in their hearts at all.。
Chapter 53 Found
“Damn guy,If there is a chance,I will never let you go!”
When Xia Chao looked far away first,He thought secretly。
If it wasn’t because of Ye Xuan,How could Xia Chaoxian become like this??
But now,Actually continue to entangle these,In itself,It’s completely useless。
But seeing here,In fact, Xia Chaoxian’s heart is even more murderous。
“do not know either,How are they doing。”
“I can’t wait,Give Ye Xuan a knife!”
As Xia Chao first gritted his teeth and said here,The more so,In fact, Xia Chaoxian’s deep heart,Even more eager to try。

“You two go,I suddenly don’t want to go to the toilet!”

Meizi’s grimace answer。
“Why don’t you go to both of us?We go with you to discover your secrets,If you don’t go to the two of us, isn’t it in vain??”
Shen Ruoxue Zhenzheng said。
“I have no secrets!”
Meizi replied immediately,She already understands:Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are going to join forces again“bully”By myself……
Chapter three thousand six hundred and seventy five Did you make a pansi hole for me?
Chapter three thousand six hundred and seventy five Did you make a pansi hole for me?
“some,You must have a secret,There is a place in your body that affects your mind,Isn’t it a tumor?!How about we go to the toilet and close the door,Then you take off your clothes, and Xiaoyun and I will help you check your body?”
Shen Ruoxue began to show her devil tail。
“Don’t think about it!”
Meizi’s decisive answer,Besides being shy on the face,I would rather die again“Take off”Look。
“Wow!I found it!I found it!”
Liu Xiaoyun screamed suddenly(Of course the sound is not loud),Then he pointed to Meizi’s chest,Eyes wide open,Look shocked。
“What did you find, Xiaoyun?Tell us all。”
Shen Ruoxue asked immediately, impatiently。


Fluttershy smiles completely!
“What are you laughing at?Am i wrong?”
Qin Liang asked suspiciously。
“Please……I’m from the same country as you!I was born in this country,Grew up in this country!”
Fluttershy’s serious explanation。
“Deceive!Absolutely impossible!You are exactly a typical Russian girl,Even your eyes are blue!You think i’m stupid!”
Qin Liang immediately refuted Xiaodie。
“I did not lie to you,Let me be honest with you……My mother is russian,Dad is the same as you,Is from a country,I am a mixed race,But……What you said is not all wrong,I do have half Russian ancestry。”
Xiaodie explained to Qin Liang very seriously。
“Turned out to be like this!No wonder……but,You seem to have inherited your mother’s genes more,Because I can’t see that you are from our country,What do i think of you,How is a Russian beauty!I’m not exaggerating at all,I’m telling the truth!”
Qin Liang was surprised,Mixed blood can mix to the level of Fluttershy,That’s no one……
“Maybe like you said,I have a lot of inheritance from my mother, right?……Ha ha,But I never think I am a foreigner,And I am not!”
Fluttershy said。
Actually Qin Liang is not the first person to regard her as a Russian beauty,It will never be the last。

Lin Yanyi listen,Smiled,Said:“I mean you are so nervous as a lesbian,If it wasn’t for Secretary Peng driving a motorcycle,,I broke both legs。”

“gone,He goes to work。”Lin Yan saw Jiang Fan no longer speak,I am embarrassed to say:“mayor,I’m not good today,I’m indeed a bit nagging,Don’t be angry,I’ll treat those things as gifts….”
Lin Yan hasn’t finished yet,There was a knock on the door,Yao Jing hit outside and came in。
Jiang Fan stood up politely,Please sit down with Yao Jing,Then said to Lin Yan:“Secretary Lin,Director Yao is for the factory,You record。”
Yao Jing looked at Jiang Fan’s official business,My face turned red,But it’s hard to say。
Lin Yan nodded,Go back to my office to get my notebook,He opened the door and froze,Ding Yi is calling home,Wenwen sits beside and waits for her。
Wenwen stand up,Said:“Hello, Secretary Lin。”
Lin Yan said:“I’ll get the notebook,Wenwen, sit down。”Talking,I picked up the notebook on the table and went out。
Yao Jing did come to Jiang Fan for the factory。
original,A customer in Shandong ordered a batch of products,For this order,The cotton spinning mill has been talking to customers in Shandong for half a year,They are too late to make a contract。This time, the client learned about Kangzhou from TV,Immediately call to notify to sign the contract immediately。The cotton spinning mill at this end had already given up on this matter.,I didn’t expect the other party to sign a contract suddenly。If this business is taken down,Will be the biggest order this year。
Due to lack of capital turnover,The factory has no funds to buy raw materials,There is a financial crisis。Several major banks are gone,But I can’t get a loan for various reasons,Simpler procedures for rural credit cooperatives,But the annual scale of rural credit cooperatives has been used up,Can only wait for the scale to be applied,To give them loans。Yao Jing only thought of Jiang Fan,She waited at the hotel early,See Jiang Fan will not go back for a long time,Just called him。
Lin Yan took a peek at Jiang Fan,No wonder he walked to the hotel and came out again,I must have seen Yao Jing,Is it Yao Jing……Lin Yan no longer guesses。
After Jiang Fan listened,Looked at the watch,Said:“Secretary Lin, take this down,It’s too late today,Talk to Mayor Meng tomorrow,Let Mayor Meng help coordinate the bank,Even though the cotton spinning mill is an enterprise in North City,But it is also a key enterprise in our city,There are also dedicated factory leaders like Director Yao,We should work hard to make this happen。”Then he turned to Yao Jing,Said:“Director Yao,Do you think this arrangement works?”
Can see,Yao Jing dressed up specially today,Thin face powder,Beautiful,A professional dress of autumn color,Wrap her exquisite figure in patchwork,Around the neck is a small ivory silk scarf,It adds to the charming and charming of women。

Li Xiaoxiao asked the most critical question。

“Haven’t talked about this issue yet,The other party just clearly expressed their intention to cooperate,They have to wait for our reply,Only after we are willing to cooperate,To talk about the next
Step-by-step cooperation。”
Liu Rushi answered this question without any consideration。
“So what is your final answer?”
Li Xiaoxiao asked again。
“My answer is……No reply,The representative of Edward Company and I agreed to meet again in three days。”
Liu Rushi’s serious answer。
Sun Feifei and Li Xiaoxiao looked at each other……
“I need to hear from both of you。”
Liu Rushi was also straightforward。
“My opinion:This matter matters,It’s not that the three of us can make a decision after discussing it,Sister Ruoxi and Sister Chen Hao will decide this matter in person。”
Sun Feifei answered without hesitation。
“Same as above。”
Li Xiaoxiao’s answer can’t be more concise,Just two words……
“I think so too,So the three of us have things to do this afternoon,We need to draft a feasibility report of cooperation with Edward,Need one more
As detailed as possible about all the information about Edward Company。”

Although Shen Fang said so,But Lao Zhang can get along well with his daughter,She is also very happy。Only when it comes to Peng Changyi,She is inevitably grumbling。Sometimes Nana comes back with wine from her father,Shen Fang sneered when she saw it,To say neither:“Your father dealt with you the second wine he didn’t drink again?It’s not Moutai and Wuliangye from now on, don’t take it home。”

Nana understands her mother’s temper,Whenever this time,She always carries wine,Trot all the way,Quietly avoiding mother,Into Lao Zhang’s hands,Said:“Leave it to you,I do not care。”
anyway,Lao Zhang can give his ex-wife and daughter a harmonious family environment,Can make them rely on,On this point,Peng Changyi secretly admires Lao Zhang,The union cadre who he had never noticed before,Now he is so closely connected with him。and so,Listening to my daughter,He immediately made a statement to his daughter,Said:“it is good,I’ll call your mother first,See the hospital leader after asking the situation,Do you say this is fine?”
Nana sees her father respects her opinion,Just happy,Keep nodding,Said:“Then go and fight,I’m hungry。”She touched her belly and said。
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Be hungry,I make such an important call,How can everyone hear me!”
Nana blinked her small eyes,I think what Dad said is reasonable,Just say it sensibly:“OK then,I will lie down,I’m so hungry。”Talking,Just lay on the sofa,I just turned on the TV。
Peng Changyi called Shen Fang,It took a long time for Shen Fang to answer the call,I asked coldly when I came up:“Problems?”
Always this kind of sentence pattern,Fortunately, Peng Changyi is used to it,Just said:“I just heard Nana say,Lao Zhang is sick?”
“Does his illness have anything to do with you?”Shen Fang doesn’t accept his care。
What else did Peng Changyi want to say?,Unexpectedly, Shen Fang actually gave him such a word,He held back his breath,Said:“none of my business,Nana asked me to call the dean,Let the dean send the best doctor to see Lao Zhang,Do you need my help?”
Peng Changyi did not dare to say that Nana asked him to give orders to the dean,Find the best doctor for Lao Zhang,If so,Will give Shen Fang a condescending feeling,Her mouth,I might say something to choke people again。
Don’t know,Shen Fang was silent after hearing this,Didn’t say a word for a long time。
Peng Changyi connected to the phone“Hey”Said after a few times:“Are you inconvenient to speak now?”
Shen Fang said in a huff:“I came out of the ward,He can’t hear。Are you with Nana?,You find a place where nobody,Let me say a few words to you alone。”
Shen Fang ordered。
Peng Changyi glanced at his daughter on the sofa,Just pretend to close the window,Came to my daughter’s room in the north,He said:“All right,You speak。”
Shen Fang said:“Lao Zhang’s inspection results have long been out,Is advanced pancreatic cancer,I kept hiding from Lao Zhang,Didn’t tell him,Don’t tell Nana either,Little girl talk fast,Maybe I’ll tell Lao Zhang when I come back。”

Chapter 801 This is Xiao Mantou?

“soy Mujer,Don’t talk like me。”
Yanzi is sure that no accident has happened,So I joked with my little sister。
“Sister……You are talking about one,I’m talking about two……”
Shen Ruoxue put out her tongue mischievously,Sophistry。
In no time,The eight light tanks drove over rumblingly together,Then under the command of Yanzi,Surrounded the small building on all sides。
“Find someone from them to talk。”
Yanzi ordered another special forces member beside him,The special fighter immediately turned around and ran out,Soon,The staff officer of the commander who has been with Yanzi,Coming all the way。
“Shout;Tell the people inside,Give them five minutes,Lay down your weapons and surrender,Time comes,We fired a cannon to blast this small building to the ground。”
The staff officer immediately hid behind a tank,Yelled loudly at the small building,Soon,The door of the small building opened,Several people raised their hands and walked out,But they just walked down the steps,The sound of machine guns rang from the windows on the first floor,These people were all killed in an instant……
The swallow came out from behind the tree immediately,Raise his assault rifle,A burst,The man in the window with the machine gun was immediately reimbursed……
The special forces around immediately started shooting together,In a blink of an eye, all the windows on the first floor of that small building were instantly shattered into thousands of pieces,Flying everywhere in the air。
Then a few grenades were thrown in,With a few explosions,There are screams like ghosts crying and wolf howling in the small building。


Simple collision,The bodies of the two flew out again,But this time I didn’t hit the ground,But caught by one hand,Then the strong spiritual power poured into both sides,Repairing the injured meridian!
“You did a great job,Leave the next thing to me!”
Xia Chenglong’s voice appeared,It means their persistence is meaningful!
Look up,If you don’t guess wrong, you should be the guardian of this place,Power above the fifth rank,Really worthy of his responsibility!
To say that the strength of the Li family is really good,Lost so many masters in the holy realm,Haven’t hurt the bones yet,I don’t know if this fifth rank falls,Will it be so calm!
“You should be their head,We can fight quickly,End this meaningless farce!”
Xia Chenglong agreed very simply,Because there is no reason to refuse!
Both disappear at the same time,Appeared outside the base at the same time,This is the power above the fifth rank,The old man was surprised why Xia Chenglong could keep up with him。
With the support of underground spirit veins,He can do many things,Their battle is a battle that will destroy the world,So it must be done outside!
No more nonsense,Want to solve the battle quickly!
The old man’s feet automatically form the universe,Corresponding to it is the five elements between heaven and earth,Golden wood water fire earth,A perfect fusion of seemingly resisting energies。
If you say who has the best understanding of the five elements in the world,Xia Chenglong dare to say one, no one dare to say two!