The construction of key projects in Jinzhong City has accelerated the speed up

People’s Daily Online, Taiyuan, April 29th (Duan Siqi) Recently, from Jinzhong City, news from Jinzhong City, in the first quarter of this year, 110 provinces and municipalities in Jinzhong City completed a total of 100 million yuan, the completion rate was%.

Among them, there are 50 provincial key projects. In the first quarter, a total of 100 million yuan was completed, and the completion rate was%. In the top of the province, the city overcomes the impact of the epidemic. According to reports, in order to strengthen the "project is the first support", and give full play to the leading role of key projects in economic construction, the Jinzhong Municipal Development and Reform Commission has always used the project construction as an important support and starting point for the development of economic transformation. Promote various tasks solidly. In accordance with the requirements of the national "moderate advance in infrastructure investment", Jinzhong City has included the "iron public machine" infrastructure projects such as Wusu Airport supporting projects, Yuxian Highway, and Pingshu Railway Special Line for key projects. From January to March, infrastructure projects completed the investment of 100 million yuan, accounting for more than one-third of all key project projects, and played the role of investment growth "stabilizer".

At the same time, the city has increased the layout of industrial projects.

There were 76 industrial projects listed in the provincial and municipal key projects, accounting for nearly 70%, which was the highest in the years.

Among them, 52 emerging industrial projects such as new energy vehicles, high -end equipment manufacturing, landscape power generation, and modern logistics account for%of industrial projects, which has opened the industrial framework of high -quality transformation projects. In addition, Jinzhong do a good job in the preliminary work of the project, actively connect the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, formulate the work plan for new project procedures for new projects in Jinzhong City in 2022. All projects will be handled through the project special network, implementing "segments"+"commitment commitment" "+" Parallel "+" online office "+" full -generation "model. At present, the epidemic is guaranteed to ensure the" zero legs "of the project unit; comprehensively sort out the requirements of the problem, sort out the problems existing in the process of promoting key projects, and classify the classification. Disposal, recently, issues such as the prevention of building materials in the impact of the epidemic, and the unable to get on the job of the equipment, and reported to the superiors to report the report to the superiors, and request relevant matters such as the handling of the pass. At present, the city has entered the golden period of construction, and Jinzhong will continue to strengthen guidance and coordination, scientifically accurately dispatch, ensure the smooth progress of key projects, set off a climax of key project construction as soon as possible, and strive to achieve the annual target tasks.

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