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China Team EDG defeated the Korean DK team to win the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals.(Reporter) The Chinese e-sports industry behind the EDG will be released according to the "2021 China E-sports Industry Development Report" released by Penguin Wishelin, and China’s e-sports users have expanded from 200 million in 2016 to 400 million in 2020.It is expected to further deliver further of 20021.In 2003, e-sports were approved by the State Sports General Administration; 2017, the State Sports General Administration and other committed members, support "rich and diverse e-sports interpretation activities" in April this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued"The 14th Five-Year" Cultural Industry Development Plan "mentioned" promoting the development of e-sports and game entertainment industry ".Many experts and practitioners said in an interview with the "strong observation" column of the People’s Network, this series of active measures are promoting the professionalization and standardization of the e-sports industry.

At the past few days, 8 of Hangzhou, the 19th Asian Games, published eight items such as electronic competitive small items, League of Legends, King Glory (Asian Games Edition) at the Fourth Session of the Fourth Session. This is the first time, the e-sports continued in the Performance Project of Jakarta – Huang Asian Games in 2018, the first time as the official competition project of the Asian Games in the public field of view. "The EDG wins the championship is the inevitable result of China’s electric competition to grow to the systemization and standardization.

"Hero Sports VSPN chief operator Zheng won, whether it is EDG to win, or e-sports officially entered the Asian Games, which means that the spirit of sports representatives represented by professional electricity is gradually recognized by society.

Chen Jingyu, Vice President of China Communication University Animation and Digital Art Institute, said that e-sports selection Asian Games reflects the deep integration of traditional sports projects and emerging sports projects, which helps to promote the entire e-sports industry. The market transformation and rapid development of the industry.

At the same time, Chen Jing is supplemented. Electronic competition is not only to see the game, but also the upstream game development, the midstream event planning organization and downstream team, club, operator, etc.

At present, all localities have also seen unlimited possibilities of the electrical industry, and issued a policy to support the development of the local electrical and competitive industry. Hainan proposed Hainan International Electrotechnic Port; Shenzhen planned China’s electricity industry headquarters base; Shanghai firing to build global electricity, will hold more than 50 e-sports events before the end of this year.

Professional electrical competition requires high-quality talents and booming industrial status compared to existing talent gaps in the electricity market. The data of human resources and social security shows that China’s e-sportsman’s overall employment has more than 500,000 economies, but only less than 15% of electronic competitive posts are in a human saturation state, and it is forecast to have nearly 2 million demand for e-sports in the next five years. . Zheng Hua won the reporter, the current China’s electric competition is gradually separated from the original game marketing, developing more detailed industrial chain, forming product development, copyright operations, event organizations and management, offline experience, etc., professional Talent decides the competitiveness of the future e-sports industry.

In fact, in September 2016, the Ministry of Education has put "Electronic Competitive Sports and Management" as a Professional Catalog of Colleges and Universities in Colleges and Universities. In 2017, China Communication University opened art and technology (digital entertainment direction). "There are many games in the market that are playing in our graduates.

"Chen Jingzhen introduced that the school’s training mainly concentrated in the upstream and midstream of the industrial chain, currently set up three professional directions, namely game art, game programming, game planning and e-sports.

"This industry is very much influenced by technology. The update iteration of AI, VR, big data and other technologies have put forward higher requirements for talents." His students hoped that his students can stop in the industry. Come out, take you forward.

In April 2019, the Ministry of Human Ministry, the Market Supervision Administration, the Bureau of Statistics issued 13 new professionals, including e-sports operators and e-sports.

"E-sports people ‘professionalism" can not only be famous for their name, but also through the’ professional guide ‘to guide the standards of electrical bidding industries, protect the legitimate rights and interests of electrical competitioners, which is conducive to the supervision behavior of relevant departments and game operation enterprises. "Chen Jinghao said.

The essence of professional electricity and playing play is very different for a long time, and the reputation of e-sports is not very good. Many parents think "Take the game as a career, the child is not a play", parents’ rejection is not reasonable, but in fact, professional electricity and playing games have essential differences.

Chen Jingxi said that playing game is a leisure and entertainment, and the training system of professional electricity, the game model is very close to traditional sports, and become an excellent e-sportsman, not only need to exceed the talent of ordinary people, but also need to pay the game enthusiast. Imagine hard work.

"Professional electrical competition has strict admission thresholds and standards, requiring practitioners to treat them as a career.

"EDG Electronic Competitive Club’s head coach, Jakarta Asian Games League of Legends Project China Team coach Ji Xing said that professional electrical competitions have high requirements for practitioners, after identification of league clubs or professional institutions, will set careers for standards Plan and arrange scientific training.

What conditions may be a professional player? Ji Xing introduced, first of all, to play the best results with the highest efficiency; secondly, the player needs a strong learning ability, and can quickly adapt to the game version.

Again, becoming a professional player, you need to experience a layer selection, with a certain comprehensive quality.

In August this year, the National Press and Publication Administration issued the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Effective Prevention of Universities", making clear provisions on the time of minors online game time. "Notification is that the minor game is addicted. It is just that the electrical industry is to love and professional talents.

We need to treat electronic competitions in normal heart, similar to traditional football, basketball, etc. Good choice. "After 18 years old, a person’s mind and overall quality have improved a lot, and then the career is higher." Ji Xing said. (Editor: Zhou Jing, He Yingchun) Share let more people see.