Provincial City Yingze Street East Extension

At 0:00 on November 17, Yingze Street East Extension was opened.

Our reporter Sun Rongxiang took this newspaper (Reporter Dingyuan) road wide and flat, vehicle ordered, greening, road lights and other supporting facilities have been in place.

At zero November 17, the provincial city Yingze Street East Extension was officially opened.

Up to now, Yingze Street is 16 kilometers long and has become another Tutorway Avenue throughout Taiyuan City. Two traffic lights have been set up in the entire section, located in East China Ring and New Kaidan Road. A underground passage is also provided in the east side position, which is safe to pass on the street. After driving from the current Yingze Street, the citizen drives, it can be directly Dadong Central Ring, and it is more convenient to travel.

  As the most standardized city main road in Taiyuan City, Yingze Street was built in the 1950s, known as "Sanjin First Street".

Yingze Street East Extension Project is fully launched in May this year, including road transformation broadening, high voltage pole enters, rainwater sewage diversion, laying municipal pipeline, enhancing green grade, improving transportation facilities. The completion of this project has enabled Yingze Street to connect with Dongsi Mountain, and Dongshan District Road Network is more perfect.