Pingyao: Stepping up the promotion of "coal change" to ensure winter heating

On August 26th, in Pingyu County, Zhongdu Township Xizhuang Village Coal Removal Energy Station, 5 technicians are overhaul air host.

"Our air can maintain high heating efficiency, which can increase efficiency 100% compared to the same proportion of boilers, and clean environmental protection, convenient installation, intelligent operation, and residents reduce the cost of warmth, and safe to warm." Pingyao Li Jin, project manager, Shuangzhi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said.

Winter heating is a serious people’s livelihood work that thousands of people are warm and warm, and it is an important measure to govern at air pollution and improve environmental quality. Since the construction of the heating project enters the attacking stages, the party committees of Zhongdu Township, Pingyao County have further clarified responsibility, layered division, strengthen dispatching, inverting construction, firmly establishing "people’s livelihood without small things" work concept, and goes to ensure that various projects are as scheduled. Realize the completion, commissioning, operation, and ensure the warmth of the residents.

It is reported that the heating project is based on the company, the government drives, the general principles that residents can bear, should be hot, suitable for electricity, sui coal, construct green, saving, efficient, coordinated, applicable Warm system. In September 2020, China launched a coal change concentration heating project, with Pingyao Shuangzhi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. invests 200 million yuan, involving 10 villages such as Cao Village, South Third Wolf, North Third Wolf, according to the plan project Complete 17 energy stations, heating pipe network laying, tap water pipe laying, 10kV substation and 35kV substation and line laying, covering the heating area of ??about 800,000 square meters. As of now, Xizhuang, South Third Wolf, Hou Yizhen, 4 villages of Sida Pu have achieved 10,000 square meters, and the heating project of the remaining 6 villages is being stepped up.

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