Precision Meteor is rich

  Winter flower shop, a few clusters of red pineapple flowers. Seeing having a guest, the owner Yuan Xiaolin laughed forward. Since I have a business in Longdu, I have a business in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, Yuan Xiaolin is not idle, and now I have incorporated about 20,000 yuan.

  Speaking of the story of the flowering shop, time pulled back 4 years ago.

At this time, Longdu Hua City has just been renovated. Here is a shabby farm, smell, noise.

Implementing the requirements of the Yangtze River Economic Belt "Sharing the Protection, Don’t engage in the development" requirement, Wanzhou District transforms ideas, demolition along the river farm, and develops the flower industry. "The living standard is improved, and the business of the flower store must be good.

"Yuan Xiaolin in foreign workers plans to return to the hometown to start a business, found the head of the flower market Qin Fu Tin," No experience, can I try it? " "Well, let’s help you."

"More than 100 square meters of flower shop opened the industry. The store is easy to spend flowers, Yuan Xiaolin bought the flower, it is always a few days, the business is not good, she is straight.

  Qin Fouting found an experienced flower market owner to Yuan Xiaolin’s "opening small stove". Which flowers are happy, how to make a better look … "Heads here!" Gradually, more and more guests are more. 4 years, Yuan Xiaolin’s facade expanded to 600 square meters. The business is bigger, Yuan Xiaolin shouted from the family’s help.

Big sister Yuan Qin has been working locally. It was originally thinking that it would go back to work a few days. I didn’t think about it. I learned to launch flowers in my little girl. I quickly lost this. "Looking at the little girl’s business is getting more and more red, I also rented a facade and make money together.

Yuan Qin said.

  In order to support the development of flower market, the service contact system in Longdu Sub-district Office, helping companies solve practical difficulties, and convey all preferential policies to shops, and earnestly reduce their merchants. Some merchants who were originally opened outside, and also moved into the city.

"Work together to get rich together.

"Qin Fu Ting said. As the large-scale flower market in the northeastern part of the Northeast, Longdu spent the flourishing of Wanzhou flower industry.

At the moment, there are more than 8,000 people in Wanzhou, and the flower industry has more than 50,000 floral growth. Sales are 100 million yuan.

  The sky is getting darker, Yuan Jia’s sister is discussed back to her family to eat, all the way, the two laughter is constantly. (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.