Promote the reasonable growth of steady improvement and quantity of economic realization

Just closed central economic work conference summarizes economic work in 2021, analyzes the current economic situation, and deploys 2022 economic work.

The meeting pointed out that while fully affirming achievements, we must see that my country’s economic development is facing demand shrinkage, and the impact is expected to weaken triple pressure.

It is necessary to adhere to the risk challenge, we must adhere to high quality development, promote the reasonable growth of the steady improvement and amount of economic realization, and structural policies should focus on the national economic cycle. The spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference has caused strong repercussions in the people of the party members of our province. Everyone has said that we must resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the central economic work conference, adhere to the stability, and strive to advance, complete, accurate, and fully implement the new development concept. If you have a reasonable growth of steady improvement and quantity of the economic realization of the economy, promote the peaceful improvement of the economic realization, and make new and greater contributions to the full-scale development of high quality development in Shanxi.

Deepen the structural reform of the supply side, focus on the universal domestic circulation of domestic circulation, which is conducive to forming domestic demand, corporate development, industrial chain upgrades, and the ability to fight international risks.

"The Central Economic Work Conference is proposed to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, focus on the smooth domestic circulation, and focus on breakthrough supply constraints, focus on production, distribution, circulation, and consumption.

"Shen Yufei, chairman of Huayuan Luang Network, Freight Company, said that the national macroeconomic policies have attached great importance to the circulation field, so that our logistics companies are excited. Since the establishment of the September last year, Huayuan Land and Hong Kong Network Freight Company sang national policy opportunities The decision-making deployment of the provincial government "comprehensive acceleration of the modern logistics transformation and development of Shanxi Province" is committed to "promoting the traditional industrial value chain reconstruction, and" network freight " This modern logistics information service technology serves as a starting point, comprehensively serving Shanxi Enterprise’s logistics information transformation, and introduces services to the country.

Shen Yufei said that the company will delve into the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, in accordance with the deployment of the Group’s party committee "innovation and development intelligent greening high-efficiency transportation organization model", vigorously study the law of the market, with technology innovation as a breakthrough, help our province All-round promotion high quality development. After the convening of the Central Economic Work Conference, Jinneng Holding Electricity Group Zuoyun Photoelectric Power Station organized the spirit of the meeting.

The stationmaster Dong Guofei said that the meeting proposed to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, in particular to increase new energy premise, promote coal and new energy optimization portfolio, which made him feel deeply and inspired. Dong Guofei said that as one of the first national photovoltaic demonstration bases in the country, Zuoyun Photo Power Station has used international advanced technology to increase international advanced technology, improve the power efficiency under the complex conditions of mountains, so that The maximum conversion rate of the converter reached 99%, and the three aspects of power generation efficiency, power generation equipment and power generation reached the domestic leading level, and stood at the forefront of advanced technology in photovoltaic power generation. In the future, the power station will continue to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, and continue to develop innovation on the path of new energy development, truly realize the cleaning mode of green power generation. Improve the core competitiveness of manufacturing, implementing industrial infrastructure projects from January to October this year, China’s large-scale industrial, equipment manufacturing growth%, high-tech manufacturing growth%. Manufacturing plays an important role in promoting the economic and social development of our province.

"The Central Economic Work Conference clearly put forward, to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, launch a group of industrial base remedies, inspiring a large number of" special new "enterprises, showing us the direction of advancement." Shanxi motor manufacturing Zhang Wenhe, the party committee, chairman of the company, said that as a domestic motor production backbone enterprise, Shanxi Motor has taken the forefront of the industry in high-efficiency energy-saving motor research and development in recent years. Zhang Wen and said, since this year, the company has obtained many orders in the traditional high-energy consumption enterprises such as metallurgy, coking, glass, cement, and has become a new growth, and the total order of orders from January to November increased from the same period last year. 80%, the export order exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and the 2020 years of the highest year was doubled. Next, we will lead to the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, further increase the development of new product development, continue to enhance energy efficiency, doing fine products, and contribute to national carbon peaks, carbon, and make a company Realization of new spans on the road of high quality development. After carefully studying the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, Wang Linshi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Shanxi Xinhua Anti-chemical Research Institute, and Chairman Wang Lin Lion, who did not easily feel more deeply and firmly in the 2021 economic work. He said that as a state-owned military enterprise, the company should implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, and complete the equipment guarantee task, highlight the key, deep plowing forged civilian product manufacturing Long-playerboard, give full play to the technical advantages of the research institute in the field of activated carbon and catalysts, vigorously develop the environmental protection industry chain of activated carbon as basic materials, accelerate the innovation of new materials, lead the product quality through advanced standards, and do high-performance, high-activated carbon and Anti-chemical environmental protection industry, which is based on activated carbon, promotes the overall protection of protection and environmental protection industries. Accelerate digital transformation, promote traditional industrial upgrading with modern information technology such as Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, flourishing digital economy, digitally has become an important kinetic energy of the modernization of traditional industrial transformation and enhances the modernization of industry chain supply chain. "The Central Economic Work Conference puts forward" to speed up digital transformation, promote the upgrade of traditional industries ", to specify the direction of future advancement, and firmly promote our confidence in high-quality development of enterprises in digitalization, intelligence, and informationization." Shanxi Jianrun Xue Yuhong, general manager of Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., excitedly. The company’s new district project information is in full swing, the key equipment is 100%, and all production lines have reached domestic leading, international advanced levels.

With the new round of integration in the building equipment manufacturing industry, the level of information construction has become an important indicator of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and the full process of manufacturing process is urgent. "Xue Yuhong said, as a leading Shanxi architectural equipment The bench-backed company, the company will promote the development of industrial technology change and optimize upgrade, promote the deep integration of traditional manufacturing and informationization, and strive to create "domestic first-class, international leading" professional building equipment integrated service providers . Today, Jinneng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group is based on manufacturing, deep tillage, and actively promotes a series of digital, intelligent production lines, and promoting equipment manufacturing industries towards high-end, intelligent, green, clustering, service, and integration. The direction is constantly moving. "The spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference allows us to be encouraged, full." The Group Hua Yue Huayi company machine processing section Chang Lu Fuchun said, "relying on digital construction, the machining section realizes production management and promotion, production tasks, Workpiece drawings, external works, all kinds of dynamic data can be queried, fast feedback through system real-time query.

Make each person in the work section has ‘number’, and the production efficiency of the team will increase by 30%.

"It is reported that the Jinyuan Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group will focus on the" 14th Five-Year Plan "planning strategy of Shanxi Province, with digital, networked, intelligent promotion of traditional equipment manufacturing industries, large equipment, industrial robot, etc. Upgrade, create high-end product manufacturing bases, project incubation center. (Reporter Liu Ruiqiang cold snow Zhang Yi Jin Shui) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.