Pharmaceutical Canton shareholders reduce 1498.92 million shares

  China Economic Network Beijing November 13th Yesterday evening, drug-in-law Bud () released an announcement, disclosed on July 27, 2021, disclosed "Wuxi Pharmaceutical Chemical New Drug Development Co., Ltd. Shareholders Redevement", Summerbloominvestments (I) It is schemed by the way of concentrating bidding and bulk transactions from August 14, 2021, and the number of shares of the company’s shares will not exceed 10,000 shares. The total reduction ratio does not exceed the total number of company shares. %, In which the number of shares is not more than 10,000 shares by bulk transaction, that is, 1% of the total number of companies shares; After receiving the "Understanding of the Listed Company Shareholder Shares) sent by SummerBloominvestments (i) yesterday, the company has received the letter Day (including), SummerBloominvestment (i) has been taken more than this reduction plan Wanxian Company Shares, accounting for the%% of the total share capital as of November 11, 2021, reducing the price range is a yuan / share-yuan / share, the total amount is reduced, and the number of reducing is not fully implemented.

During the reduction of this reduction plan, it has expired.

    Drug Kant said that SummerBloominvestment (i) This reduction plan will not cause the company’s control to change. (Editor: Cai).