Xu Xuan pursed the corner of his mouth,Smiled weakly,Tao:“Promised things,It’s not always good.”

“Do not worry,Leave it to me below.”Melon patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder。
Xu Xuan was moved,Smiled:“Thanks,Buddy。”
“But I want to stand on the court even when the game wins.”
Old fish smiled:“Can’t you say this,He has to tell me.”
Lao Yu points to the team doctor,The team doctor spread his hands innocently:“.”
“Knicks adjusted the lineup in the second half,Xu Xuan was replaced.”Both the commentator and the fans noticed the changes in the Knicks。
“Bad performance in the first half,Let Coach Derek give him up.”Kenny·Smith discovered another thing:“but.He doesn’t seem to come out?He stayed in the locker room?”
Kenny·Smith said in surprise。
“Is this being scolded for being autistic??”
Buckley thought for a while,Shook his head,Tao:“Should not be.May be other reasons.”
In the perspective of everyone on the Hornets,The Knicks just changed teams in the second half。
Whether it’s offensive and defensive conversion,Still war of position,Everyone in the Knicks looks very excited,The defensive end is even more aggressive。
“Three points of bottom corner of melon.Wow!Entered again!”
“Switch offense,Hornets made a mistake!A perfect steal,Counterattack!Shumpert’s Dunk!”
“How the Knicks played in the second half was like convulsions.”