“It seems,Siyue should be fine,Let’s go back,Sasuke。”

Naruto watched catapult into the air,And after falling into the other sea area,Said to Sasuke。
Because of the consumption of chakra and pupil power,So Sasuke feels a little tired now。
Water country。
Misty village。
“The figure of Kyuubi and Susano.did not expect,Naruto and Sasuke actually destroyed the underwater prison.”Emu looked at the intelligence that had just come to him and said to himself,“Next,These two people should be ready to retake Konoha Village from S.H.I.E.L.D.。”
“Evil wood!”
Suddenly a deep voice came,Emu sitting on the chair suddenly stood up,Go to the open space in front of the table and kneel down:“Lord Hei Di。”
“Evil wood,You also go to Konoha Village,While S.H.I.E.L.D. and Konoha Village are fighting,Destroy those two light and shadow armors for me!”
“Yes,Lord Hei Di,Oamu promises to complete the mission。”
Emu lowered his head and said respectfully。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Eight
Konoha Village。
Naruto Office。
“Konoha villagers placed in the Great Undersea Prison by S.H.I.E.L.D.,Has been rescued by Naruto and Sasuke,Now these two people have no worries at all,therefore,To prevent Konoha Village from being retaken by Naruto,Lord Hei Di specially sent me for reinforcements。”
Emu stands in the avatar of Skynet,Clone Gray Wolf and Red Wolf said in front of them,Behind Emu,Is standing with four ancient supernatural beasts,And the emperor’s armor that was once again brainwashed and controlled by the black emperor。
“Thank you guys,I believe,With your help,Konoha Village will always belong to SHIELD。”Skynet’s avatar slowly said,Then he looked at the two liquid robots standing at the door acting as guards and said,“you guys,Take them to the temporary residence。”