Paused,He continued:“Do you think,Daxun,Jing Tian they come,Like our children’s classmates,Come and drivepartyof,Then I went out to play now。”</p>

Teacher He smiled:“Don’t you,It feels a bit like this。”</p>
The two were talking,suddenly,Can hear from far away,Twittering sound,It’s Daxun Wei and their voices。</p>
Teacher He leaned on the wall and looked,Can’t help laughing:“Teacher Huang,You should be upset again,The unconscious children are back。”</p>
Huang Lei was a little surprised:“Came back so soon,How long has just passed。”</p>
Words Kung Fu,Su Luo and the others have already reached the steps,Opened the door and walked in,Teacher He came over with a smile,Tao:“how about it,Did you catch anything??”</p>
Su Luo shook his head,Tao:“Nothing at all,Daxun got a few shrimps with big fingernails,Not enough to stuff your teeth,We will be released。”</p>
Teacher He nodded,Had been expected,What fish can be in the stream,One sentence is good,No fish when water is clear。</p>
Huang Lei is handling the ingredients,Side way:“okay,Since there is no gain,Just changed clothes,Go to the house and rest for a while,Some work for you in the afternoon。”</p>
Su Luo Dengru nodded,To be honest, he himself is indeed a little sleepy,As for whether others are sleepy,He can’t control。</p>
Take off the equipment,Su Luo walked towards the second floor,Going to sleep for a while,Except her,Also, a few girls went back to sleep。</p>
In this longing program,The happiest thing is to sleep,No one will bother myself yet。</p>
Wake up naturally when you sleep,This is the charm of the show,Of course this is just a performance,There are many places to attract Rao。</p>
The environment here,lifestyle,It’s all charm,And they are celebrities,What is more lacking than ordinary people is leisure time。</p>
Three hundred sixty five a year,Maybe three hundred and sixty are all busy。</p>
Artists must maintain topicality at all times,Often appear in the public eye,Hot,There is a play to film。</p>
This is also one of the most helpless places for actors,Traffic age,Popularity and topic based。</p>