Chapter Ninety Six

usually,Naruto’s work is very busy,Especially after Naruto who couldn’t tolerate a little sand in his eyes became Hokage,Even more busy,I have to personally take care of almost all big and small things,Prevent corruption。
Even if Naruto is so busy,I didn’t stay in the Hokage office today,But appeared in Konoha Hospital,Standing outside the door anxiously waiting for news from the room。
Even when Hinata gave birth,Naruto did not have this situation。
“Tsunade mother-in-law,How is the situation。”After Naruto saw Tsunade come out,Hurriedly asked。
After seeing Tsunade’s frowning expression,Naruto was mentally prepared in advance。
If Suzuya Shizao is really infected,So for Konoha Village,For Ninja,Naruto will inevitably imprison Suzuya Shizao,Or even kill the bell house。
This makes Naruto who is an honest person feel very uncomfortable,Anyway,Suzuya Shizo also came to help Konoha。
Tsunade frowned and said:“We have already studied the cells made by Suzuya,No difference from ordinary people,and so,There should be no problem。”
“Ugh,Tsunade mother-in-law,Don’t say such ambiguous things。”
Naruto complained,This is related to the situation that Suzuya will face,And the future of Konoha Village and Ninja World。
If it is really because of the mishandling of Konoha Village,,Caused the outbreak of Resident Evil in Ninja,Then Konoha Village will be the sinner of the entire Shinobi world。
“After all, there are no zombie cells as a comparison,I can’t be 100% sure if Suzuya Shizao has been infected,Let’s detain and observe for a while,During this period,Except those who have passed my permission,No one is allowed to visit。”Tsunade said。
“I can only do this,Then this matter is up to you,Tsunade mother-in-law。”Naruto nodded with a serious expression,Then hurried back to the Hokage Tower to handle other official duties。