Compared to the price of second-tier singers,Even lower。

What’s more, Meng Zijing didn’t pick it at all,Even if the mall opens,Even in a bar,She is willing to sing。
This makes many people dissatisfied。
It’s too ugly for you to sing to make money。
Secondly, a super classic song written by sister Xiaofeng,Just ruined by you,Sing one song once10Ten thousand yuan?
You let those flowers30Ten thousand、50Ten thousand、80Those who want to listen to a song、And those passionate fans,How can it be?
Three, you sing everywhere,Are you crazy about money??Isn’t this ruining such a nice classic?
and so,Meng Zijing was scolded terribly,Basically she goes to a place,I will meet a lot of fans booing her。
But Meng Zijing is strong enough,I can sing the song seriously every time,And bowed to the audience very seriously。
So actually it’s okay at the scene,The performers are also very satisfied with her performance,That’s why her road to gold can continue。
Meng Zijing told Shen Huan about this。
She really just sang for money。
In order to make more money when you can make money,In order to earn enough for the children to learn、Family expenses,Meng Zijing doesn’t care about anything else。
The only thing she feels sorry for is Shen Huan。
Because she also thinks this is ruining Shen Huan’s super classic。
So call Shen Huan,She is also very sorry,Very guilty。
But Shen Huan doesn’t think so。