Who thinks,I stay at home all year round,Too lazy to exercise,Deteriorating body,Got a disease that a man can’t describe,At that time, I felt very bad,Every time I see my wife’s cold face, I can’t help arguing with her,She can’t get the slightest warmth from me,Our relationship broke down。

Stocks are not going well,Not getting better,Quarrel with my wife,I can’t live together anymore,So I had to negotiate a divorce。
drink,The more you drink, the more lonely!
The brothers around me comfort me,Where there is no grass,Zhang Luo find me someone,But a man got that disease,Which woman can be happy with?
So I can only rely on alcohol to numb myself。
A violent impact sounded into the ear,I was shocked when I stood in front of the mirror and wanted to die,Run out quickly to see what happened,But found a situation that makes people want to cry without tears,My dormitory door was closed by the wind,Now I only wear a pair of underwear!
“I rely on,You thief, why do you do this to me??”I scolded angrily,It’s morning8More,Roommates just left,It will be impossible to come back for a while,It’s obviously unrealistic for me to stand here and wait!
Did my rebirth life start from this unlucky thing??
Introduce the situation,University I studied in Tan City, Xiangnan Province,The name of the school is Shonan University of Science and Technology,The name is pretty tall,It’s actually a three-way university,Most people who have passed the national undergraduate line do not fill in this school,Can be transferred here!
The school is divided into South Campus and North Campus,South campus is an engineering college,There are more wolves and less meat,Male to female ratio7:1,And most of the girls are dinosaurs that make people lose their appetite,The campus environment is very general,You can see it at a glance。
North campus is a normal university,The situation here is completely different,The male to female ratio is5:5,There is a very beautiful Minghu in the school,And cherry blossom garden,It’s the cherry blossom season,The citizens of Tan City will come to enjoy the flowers,There are many other pavilions,The school environment is very beautiful,At night,Passionate men and women fill every corner of this campus。
I am studying mechanical design under the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,There are three majors in the Department of Measurement and Control Technology and Industrial Design。
Mechanical design6Total160Only girls15people,I was assigned to6class25Personally2Girls,Male to female ratio10:1Not even,It can be seen how miserable monks like us are,Too many adolescent boys with strong hormone secretion cannot complete the transformation during college。
Girls in our profession,Regardless of body shape,If it does not exceed10If a boy confessed to her, that means her four years of university is considered to be for nothing。
But this kind of hardship to find a girlfriend,I have never experienced it,Although I am not tall,Still skinny,But i look good,I also have a mouth that can amuse others。
correct,I suddenly thought of:“I can meet my first girlfriend,Isn’t it a certain day in college,Wear underwear to the bathroom,The door was closed by the wind,I went to my classmate’s dormitory to borrow clothes,Was it taken by the entertainment committee member Zhou Qingxue to appear in a show she led??”