And now the Lakers are only Kobe alone,It is doubtful whether this young player can always take on the responsibility of the team with thin shoulders.。Although the current Lakers record first in the league,But everyone can see,They are an absolutely flawed team,They are a very easy team to target,Hard power after the lack of a superstar,Undoubtedly dropped a lot。It’s just that Kobe has been using magical key balls,Closed the team’s loopholes,But how long can this magic last

A piece of heat,Haven’t robbed Marshburn,Just a mediocre all-star team driven by Tim Hardaway and Mourning,There are many such teams in the US NBA。
And now the heat!In exchange for the Big Three,The record is close to second in the East,A lot of games have not lost。The current hard power is the strongest under the Eastern Bulls!And the team players cooperate with each other,Strong tactical execution,Strong team cohesion。These are made by the fortune teller Pat Riley,Riley is of course proud!
“Old boy,Fair enough。”Pat Riley gave Harris a hug。
“She’s been in the limelight recently?How many wins are you going to win this season?65Win?60Win?”
“Come on,Old fox。You are better,Team running72Go to the record of victory?But I won’t release water,Enjoy this game。”
When two people are talking,The players also walked out of the player channel in turn。
The Lakers’ appearance actually caused a wave of cheers,This makes Fisher feel a little unaccustomed。
“Nothing,The fans here in Miami are mostly winning fans,We have a good record,So it’s not surprising that there are many fans。”Campbell looked mature,Explain to Xiaoyu patiently。
The quality of fans in Miami is really not high,Hush home team,Cheers for the visiting team,Things like leaving early and so on happen frequently。Of course, after Pat Riley led the Big Three to join,This situation has improved significantly。
That’s because the team keeps winning!
Wait till the day the team can’t win,Not only the players on the field,Maybe these fans even boo Pat Riley!
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty SHOWTIMEThe Big Three of the Heat under the system
“So fast!”
The game just started,The Heat use a stormy rhythm of offense and defense,Caught the Lakers by surprise。
“This.This isSHOWTIMESystem??”Fisher, who was sitting on the bench, widened his eyes,The five Heat players on the field seem to be integrated,Exaggerated attack and defense transition rhythm,Continuous small range after fast break2V2,3V3This kind of small-scale offensive tactics played well!
Tim Hardaway is unable to make consecutive individual singles under Bryant’s defense,But there is no way to stop Kobe with his possession and organization。After all, Tim Hardaway’s possession of the ball is inherently historical,hisCROSSOVERBefore Iverson appeared,Always number one in the league!
Yes,Tim Hardaway is the first-generation defender who used a lot of front changes。Before him,Few defenders use frontal change as their primary means of scoring,And Hardaway did!