Shen Huan has decided on this candidate。

On the《love letter》The mother of the male party tree inside——Teacher Jia Lei will play。
52Year-old teacher Jia Lei graduated from Shanghai Opera,She was the number one female when she was young,Now a famous green leaf actor,She will do well in this role。
Actor here,The first actor is not the fifth prince who is against Xiaoyanzi,It’s Erkang, played by Teacher Zhou。
Actually think about it carefully,Aunt Qiongyao is very thoughtful about this arrangement。
If Brother Wu is too strong,Then suppress Little Swallow。
But you can’t live without a good actor。
So the gentle crape myrtle,It’s accompanied by a dare to dare,And very capable。
This is how two young couples are formed。
So Erkang’s candidate,Just as important as Little Swallow。
Not surprising,The first thing Shen Huan thinks of is Guo Hang。
Guo Hang’s acting skills are absolutely beyond doubt,He is not handsome,Also happens to be about the same as Teacher Zhou,Won’t steal the limelight from the heroines。
But the same as Chen Qian、The even further problem is,Guo Hang’s family is now the top three actor!
Actor of the Venice Film Festival、Busan Film Festival Actor、Edo Film Festival Actor。
Even the latter two are not so prestigious,But the power of the three movie kings,You say big or not?
now《Gift in Room 7》Now in theaters,Not surprising,He was at the domestic awards ceremony,At least two or three actor and best actor awards。
Won the Super Actor Award,Plus《Gift in Room 7》The box office reputation is extremely popular,Let Guo Hang sit firmly on the top of the first-line actor。