The construction of key projects in Jinzhong City has accelerated the speed up

People’s Daily Online, Taiyuan, April 29th (Duan Siqi) Recently, from Jinzhong City, news from Jinzhong City, in the first quarter of this year, 110 provinces and municipalities in Jinzhong City completed a total of 100 million yuan, the completion rate was%.

Among them, there are 50 provincial key projects. In the first quarter, a total of 100 million yuan was completed, and the completion rate was%. In the top of the province, the city overcomes the impact of the epidemic. According to reports, in order to strengthen the "project is the first support", and give full play to the leading role of key projects in economic construction, the Jinzhong Municipal Development and Reform Commission has always used the project construction as an important support and starting point for the development of economic transformation. Promote various tasks solidly. In accordance with the requirements of the national "moderate advance in infrastructure investment", Jinzhong City has included the "iron public machine" infrastructure projects such as Wusu Airport supporting projects, Yuxian Highway, and Pingshu Railway Special Line for key projects. From January to March, infrastructure projects completed the investment of 100 million yuan, accounting for more than one-third of all key project projects, and played the role of investment growth "stabilizer".

At the same time, the city has increased the layout of industrial projects.

There were 76 industrial projects listed in the provincial and municipal key projects, accounting for nearly 70%, which was the highest in the years.

Among them, 52 emerging industrial projects such as new energy vehicles, high -end equipment manufacturing, landscape power generation, and modern logistics account for%of industrial projects, which has opened the industrial framework of high -quality transformation projects. In addition, Jinzhong do a good job in the preliminary work of the project, actively connect the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, formulate the work plan for new project procedures for new projects in Jinzhong City in 2022. All projects will be handled through the project special network, implementing "segments"+"commitment commitment" "+" Parallel "+" online office "+" full -generation "model. At present, the epidemic is guaranteed to ensure the" zero legs "of the project unit; comprehensively sort out the requirements of the problem, sort out the problems existing in the process of promoting key projects, and classify the classification. Disposal, recently, issues such as the prevention of building materials in the impact of the epidemic, and the unable to get on the job of the equipment, and reported to the superiors to report the report to the superiors, and request relevant matters such as the handling of the pass. At present, the city has entered the golden period of construction, and Jinzhong will continue to strengthen guidance and coordination, scientifically accurately dispatch, ensure the smooth progress of key projects, set off a climax of key project construction as soon as possible, and strive to achieve the annual target tasks.

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Professional electricity and different you want

China Team EDG defeated the Korean DK team to win the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals.(Reporter) The Chinese e-sports industry behind the EDG will be released according to the "2021 China E-sports Industry Development Report" released by Penguin Wishelin, and China’s e-sports users have expanded from 200 million in 2016 to 400 million in 2020.It is expected to further deliver further of 20021.In 2003, e-sports were approved by the State Sports General Administration; 2017, the State Sports General Administration and other committed members, support "rich and diverse e-sports interpretation activities" in April this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued"The 14th Five-Year" Cultural Industry Development Plan "mentioned" promoting the development of e-sports and game entertainment industry ".Many experts and practitioners said in an interview with the "strong observation" column of the People’s Network, this series of active measures are promoting the professionalization and standardization of the e-sports industry.

At the past few days, 8 of Hangzhou, the 19th Asian Games, published eight items such as electronic competitive small items, League of Legends, King Glory (Asian Games Edition) at the Fourth Session of the Fourth Session. This is the first time, the e-sports continued in the Performance Project of Jakarta – Huang Asian Games in 2018, the first time as the official competition project of the Asian Games in the public field of view. "The EDG wins the championship is the inevitable result of China’s electric competition to grow to the systemization and standardization.

"Hero Sports VSPN chief operator Zheng won, whether it is EDG to win, or e-sports officially entered the Asian Games, which means that the spirit of sports representatives represented by professional electricity is gradually recognized by society.

Chen Jingyu, Vice President of China Communication University Animation and Digital Art Institute, said that e-sports selection Asian Games reflects the deep integration of traditional sports projects and emerging sports projects, which helps to promote the entire e-sports industry. The market transformation and rapid development of the industry.

At the same time, Chen Jing is supplemented. Electronic competition is not only to see the game, but also the upstream game development, the midstream event planning organization and downstream team, club, operator, etc.

At present, all localities have also seen unlimited possibilities of the electrical industry, and issued a policy to support the development of the local electrical and competitive industry. Hainan proposed Hainan International Electrotechnic Port; Shenzhen planned China’s electricity industry headquarters base; Shanghai firing to build global electricity, will hold more than 50 e-sports events before the end of this year.

Professional electrical competition requires high-quality talents and booming industrial status compared to existing talent gaps in the electricity market. The data of human resources and social security shows that China’s e-sportsman’s overall employment has more than 500,000 economies, but only less than 15% of electronic competitive posts are in a human saturation state, and it is forecast to have nearly 2 million demand for e-sports in the next five years. . Zheng Hua won the reporter, the current China’s electric competition is gradually separated from the original game marketing, developing more detailed industrial chain, forming product development, copyright operations, event organizations and management, offline experience, etc., professional Talent decides the competitiveness of the future e-sports industry.

In fact, in September 2016, the Ministry of Education has put "Electronic Competitive Sports and Management" as a Professional Catalog of Colleges and Universities in Colleges and Universities. In 2017, China Communication University opened art and technology (digital entertainment direction). "There are many games in the market that are playing in our graduates.

"Chen Jingzhen introduced that the school’s training mainly concentrated in the upstream and midstream of the industrial chain, currently set up three professional directions, namely game art, game programming, game planning and e-sports.

"This industry is very much influenced by technology. The update iteration of AI, VR, big data and other technologies have put forward higher requirements for talents." His students hoped that his students can stop in the industry. Come out, take you forward.

In April 2019, the Ministry of Human Ministry, the Market Supervision Administration, the Bureau of Statistics issued 13 new professionals, including e-sports operators and e-sports.

"E-sports people ‘professionalism" can not only be famous for their name, but also through the’ professional guide ‘to guide the standards of electrical bidding industries, protect the legitimate rights and interests of electrical competitioners, which is conducive to the supervision behavior of relevant departments and game operation enterprises. "Chen Jinghao said.

The essence of professional electricity and playing play is very different for a long time, and the reputation of e-sports is not very good. Many parents think "Take the game as a career, the child is not a play", parents’ rejection is not reasonable, but in fact, professional electricity and playing games have essential differences.

Chen Jingxi said that playing game is a leisure and entertainment, and the training system of professional electricity, the game model is very close to traditional sports, and become an excellent e-sportsman, not only need to exceed the talent of ordinary people, but also need to pay the game enthusiast. Imagine hard work.

"Professional electrical competition has strict admission thresholds and standards, requiring practitioners to treat them as a career.

"EDG Electronic Competitive Club’s head coach, Jakarta Asian Games League of Legends Project China Team coach Ji Xing said that professional electrical competitions have high requirements for practitioners, after identification of league clubs or professional institutions, will set careers for standards Plan and arrange scientific training.

What conditions may be a professional player? Ji Xing introduced, first of all, to play the best results with the highest efficiency; secondly, the player needs a strong learning ability, and can quickly adapt to the game version.

Again, becoming a professional player, you need to experience a layer selection, with a certain comprehensive quality.

In August this year, the National Press and Publication Administration issued the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Effective Prevention of Universities", making clear provisions on the time of minors online game time. "Notification is that the minor game is addicted. It is just that the electrical industry is to love and professional talents.

We need to treat electronic competitions in normal heart, similar to traditional football, basketball, etc. Good choice. "After 18 years old, a person’s mind and overall quality have improved a lot, and then the career is higher." Ji Xing said. (Editor: Zhou Jing, He Yingchun) Share let more people see.

Provincial City Yingze Street East Extension

At 0:00 on November 17, Yingze Street East Extension was opened.

Our reporter Sun Rongxiang took this newspaper (Reporter Dingyuan) road wide and flat, vehicle ordered, greening, road lights and other supporting facilities have been in place.

At zero November 17, the provincial city Yingze Street East Extension was officially opened.

Up to now, Yingze Street is 16 kilometers long and has become another Tutorway Avenue throughout Taiyuan City. Two traffic lights have been set up in the entire section, located in East China Ring and New Kaidan Road. A underground passage is also provided in the east side position, which is safe to pass on the street. After driving from the current Yingze Street, the citizen drives, it can be directly Dadong Central Ring, and it is more convenient to travel.

  As the most standardized city main road in Taiyuan City, Yingze Street was built in the 1950s, known as "Sanjin First Street".

Yingze Street East Extension Project is fully launched in May this year, including road transformation broadening, high voltage pole enters, rainwater sewage diversion, laying municipal pipeline, enhancing green grade, improving transportation facilities. The completion of this project has enabled Yingze Street to connect with Dongsi Mountain, and Dongshan District Road Network is more perfect.


Promote the high quality development of new era retired military work

Original title: Promoting the high quality development of the new era of retired soldiers 24, Xinjiang retired military affairs work conference was held.

Wang Jun, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Autonomous Region, attended the meeting and speaking, emphasizing the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the work of retired military people, completely and accurately implementing the new era of the party’s rules, firmly twisted Xinjiang’s work goals, and promoting the work of Xinjiang retired soldiers High quality development, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results. The meeting pointed out that in 2020, various departments across the localities were conscientiously implemented and deployed by the Party Central Decision, in accordance with the requirements of the party committee of the autonomous region, focusing on the social stability and long-term goals, and do a good job in retired soldiers. The party’s leadership of the retired military personnel is fully strengthened, the organization management system is constantly improved, the key tasks are fully implemented, the level of protection is continuously improved, the rights and interests are more powerful, respectful atmosphere is increasing, and their own construction is gradually strengthened. . The meeting emphasized that we must fully understand the good situation facing the work of the Retired military personnel in the country, effectively improve the political station, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and resolutely put ideas and action unified Together with the party central decision-making deployment of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, unify the general discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of retired military people, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job in the work of retired military people in the new era.

It is necessary to do a good job in retired military work as an important measures, high standards, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of retired military.

The meeting emphasized that in 2021, the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China was also the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

It is necessary to focus on key tasks to promote high quality development of new era retired military people. It is necessary to establish and improve the organization management system, work system, policy system, and improve the level of governance of retired military affairs.

It is necessary to firmly twist the total goal of Xinjiang, strengthen the ideological and political construction of retired soldiers, and do where the retired soldiers are, and where ideological and political work will be launched.

It is necessary to accurately implement the policy, do a good job in resettlement and employment, attracting more retired soldiers to contribute to the stability of Xinjiang reform and development.

We must care about caring for retired soldiers, earnestly improve the level of service, solve the most direct and most realistic interests of service guarantee management.

It is necessary to actively maintain legitimate rights and interests to ensure that the military team will continue to stabilize. The meeting emphasized that the party’s leaders will run through the whole process of retired military work, and form the work pattern of the party committee centralized leadership, the retired military affairs department led the coordination, the relevant departments support the cooperation, social forces to participate in the work pattern.

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of retired military affairs departments and workforce itself, and insist on promoting the work of the hard work, struggling to create a new situation in the new military works of the United Nations. Hadley Harmati, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region hosted the meeting.

(Li Yang) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).

Pingyao: Stepping up the promotion of "coal change" to ensure winter heating

On August 26th, in Pingyu County, Zhongdu Township Xizhuang Village Coal Removal Energy Station, 5 technicians are overhaul air host.

"Our air can maintain high heating efficiency, which can increase efficiency 100% compared to the same proportion of boilers, and clean environmental protection, convenient installation, intelligent operation, and residents reduce the cost of warmth, and safe to warm." Pingyao Li Jin, project manager, Shuangzhi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said.

Winter heating is a serious people’s livelihood work that thousands of people are warm and warm, and it is an important measure to govern at air pollution and improve environmental quality. Since the construction of the heating project enters the attacking stages, the party committees of Zhongdu Township, Pingyao County have further clarified responsibility, layered division, strengthen dispatching, inverting construction, firmly establishing "people’s livelihood without small things" work concept, and goes to ensure that various projects are as scheduled. Realize the completion, commissioning, operation, and ensure the warmth of the residents.

It is reported that the heating project is based on the company, the government drives, the general principles that residents can bear, should be hot, suitable for electricity, sui coal, construct green, saving, efficient, coordinated, applicable Warm system. In September 2020, China launched a coal change concentration heating project, with Pingyao Shuangzhi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. invests 200 million yuan, involving 10 villages such as Cao Village, South Third Wolf, North Third Wolf, according to the plan project Complete 17 energy stations, heating pipe network laying, tap water pipe laying, 10kV substation and 35kV substation and line laying, covering the heating area of ??about 800,000 square meters. As of now, Xizhuang, South Third Wolf, Hou Yizhen, 4 villages of Sida Pu have achieved 10,000 square meters, and the heating project of the remaining 6 villages is being stepped up.

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Promote the construction of ecological civilization

Since 2016, Lhasa City, Dragon Deqing District, three soil and water conservation projects in Jaute Town and Yangda Street, invested in 10,000 yuan, and got a total of water and soil erosion area hectares.

This year, the soil and water and water retention sectors at all levels of the dragon Deqing area grabbed opportunities, pioneering and innovating, creating a good atmosphere in protecting and soil resources and ecological environments by carrying out a variety of publicity activities. After the Soil and Water Conservation Program Report Table is released, the dragon Deqing District total-reviewed development and construction project Soil and Water Conservation Program Report Table is 27, and it has been investigated and not fulfilled. It is 63, and the water and soil retention compensation fee is 10,000 yuan, which effectively curbs people Soil and soil erosion, and vigorously promoting ecological restoration while accelerating the comprehensive management of soil erosion, and the soil and water and water and water and water conservation work have achieved remarkable results. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau firmly moved to practice the total tone of the Water Conservancy reform and development of Lhasa. In the supervision of strong means, adhere to the problem-oriented, the target orientation, strengthen the implementation; improve the water and water and water conservation plan , The implementation rate, the acceptance rate, the verification rate and investigation rate, promoting the implementation of soil and maintaining the implementation of the "three simultaneous" system, and the management of people is the loss of soil, accelerate the speed of key regional governance, driving soil and keeps strong supervision, supplementing the short board, see effectiveness, The steps, effectively improve the city’s soil and maintaining supervision capacity and level.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau conducted a special supervision and inspection of soil and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water control examination in the construction of production and construction projects in the city’s mining projects, water conservancy projects, transportation projects, electricity projects, quarry projects, municipal projects and housing construction projects. In the way on-site supervision and inspection, meeting supervision and inspection and written supervision and inspection, the on-site supervision and inspection of 177 projects, 144 rectification opinions, 105 projects in written supervision and inspection, 8 projects supervision and inspection, according to the on-site supervision and inspection project The target task is exceeded for the 10% target of the annual approval program.

The Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau strictly follows the management of the Soil and Water Conservation Program, standardizing approval management, closely with the administrative examination and approval of the Lhasa City Citizen Service Center, regulating the program, review, approval, delivery, etc., strict control of the program approval In the provisional time limit, the review is completed within 15 working days, and after the approved request, it will fulfill the registration of the water window registration record.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the total review of 633 projects were reviewed. At the same time, according to the requirements of water and soil and water and water in the Water Conservancy, the relevant information related information will be entered into the national water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and soil and water and soil. Information supervision. Providing technical support, in the seven city land in the whole district, the technical review of Soil and Water Conservation Program is entrusted. Since the third party, since the third parties, the Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau has been approved for 221 projects, and the water and soil remained in April 2020. The program report is released to the three districts of Wu County. According to the principle of approved who is levied, increase supervision and inspection, through increasing the notice of the next soil and soil retention compensation fee, the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 458, a total of water and soil reasons Take 315 notices, and the soil and soil retention compensation costs are all rounded. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", 10 projects were implemented in the three districts of Lhasa City, including 5 completion acceptance, 3 completion acceptance, 3, under construction, the total governance area of ??soil lost to square Km; planned investment billion yuan, planning soil and water loss is 255 square kilometers, including the actual completion of 100 million yuan, the actual soil loss control area square kilometers, the water and soil erosion is over-completed.

The Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau puts the water and water and regulations to promote the weight of the work. Every year, the "World Water Day" "China Water Week" "Soil and Water Conservation Publicity Month" and other propaganda nodes, and actively carry out soil and water and keep the party school, enter the school, In the village, enter the construction site "four into" publicity activities, "13th Five-Year Plan" period, into the school publicized 4 times, publicize 49 times, into the village publicity 19 times, and distribute the "Soil and Water Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China" Tibet Autonomous Region implements 330 books, and 421 public actions.

Using the public welfare billboard to increase the layout of propaganda, the layout propaganda is replaced for half a year.

Through the strengthening of the Soil and Water Conservation, the supervision and management and unspeakable first construction, unprofight, unbounded, abandoned the project investigation and punishment, according to Water Supply [2019] No. 160, Soil and Water Conservation Facilities Acceptance from the water administrative department organization After the owner’s independent acceptance, the owner independently accepts a total of 16 projects, accepts 15 projects in the verification, to verify 1 project, Lhasa City production and construction project Soil and Water Conservation facility independent acceptance is zero breakthrough. The Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau strives to investigate the violations of laws and regulations in the construction project, mainly investigated the construction project of "unshanded first construction, unprofitable, unapproved", regularly inspect the project site every year, in carrying out the supervision and inspection process It has been found that there is no items that have not been implemented in accordance with the law, and unbounded or unbounded or unbounded or not passing the acceptance project, inform the owners and issues to order the notice of rectification, and ask the project construction unit to perform water according to law as soon as possible. The relevant procedures such as the warranty system are processed in the past two years.

This year, the Lhasa City Water Conservancy Bureau actively deploys the cooperation of the city and county districts. It has carried out a number of supervisions and promotion of the county area of ??the task progress, and one day, one-day, and a day, the way to promote work, and online applications "Water Resources Department According to the regional remote sensing supervision of the production and construction project, "APP, completed the information of 288 points in the three districts of the five counties in the city, and the 168 suspected water and soil remained illegal and illegal production and construction projects were launched. It has been found to be investigated and has been completed.

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Premier Plentes om de opening uit te breiden

ChinesePremierLiKeqiangattendstheWorldEconomicForumspecialvirtualdialoguewithglobalbusinessleaders, deliversremarksandholdsdialogueandexchangeswithparticipatingglobalbusinessleadersattheGreatHallofthePeopleinBeijing, onNov16,2021. [Foto / Xinhua] Chinahasadoptedaseriesofmeasuresthateffectivelyeasedpressureonthesupplyofelectricityandcoal, andthecountrysfutureenergysupplyisguaranteed, lobalBusinessLeaders, LisaidthatChinawillconsideritsnationalconditionsandpushforwardthelow-carbontransitioninabalancedan, founderandexecutivechairmanoftheWEF ,, LisaidthatChinaseconomyhasingeneralsustainedthe, thefundamentalsofChinaslong-termeconomicdevelopmentremainunchanged, asthecountrystotalnumberof150millionmarketentitieshaveprovidedresilienceandvitalityfortheChineseeconomyandstronglysupportedemployment ,, Chinawillstepupcross-cyclicaladjustments, willnotresortto "floodlike" stimulus, andwillintroduceamixoftaxandfeereductionsatanappropriatetimetokeepitseconomicoperationswithinareasonablerange, sfirmcommitmenttoexpandingop ENING-UP, IMPLOGERTAWAIREPROMOTEINNERNARTIONE-OrientedNa, ObaleConomicRecoveryFacesincreasingunctIMTUNTY, LisaidthatchinastandsRadertojoinhandsSwithallPartiestOfInTEVIRUSANDSuritationAnDepupInternationalMacroEconomicPolicyCo?rdinatie, InorderTopromotetheSteadyRecoveryOfTheWorTheSteadyRecoveryOfTheWorldeconomy, Honiament. (Webeditor: Zhongwenxing, Liangjun).

Policies, the development of cross-border e-commerce development enters the "Expressway"

Original title: Policies, the development of the logistics, the maintenance of cross-border e-commerce development, driving into the "Expressway" People’s Network Beijing June 28 (Yang Wei) accelerates the construction of domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double cycle promotes each other Under the background of the new development, the foreign trade new and commercial states represented by cross-border e-commerce have become an important cornerstone and linkage of foreign trade development and stabilizing the international industrial chain supply chain. Since this year, my country has continued to be good, fully reflecting my country ‘s vast market potential and stable supply capacity.

According to the recent data of the General Administration of Customs, the total value of my country’s trade goods import and export is trillion, the year-on-year growth is increased in the same period in 2019. As an important force, cross-border e-commerce as a stable foreign trade, the growth rate is more obvious. In recent years, the new model of China’s foreign trade has developed rapidly, of which cross-border e-commerce has increased by nearly 10 times in 5 years, which promoted the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, especially in the impact of the epidemic, and plays an important role in stabilization.

  At the State Council of the State Council held on June 22, the cross-border e-commerce of China ‘s foreign trade has once again welcomed the policy dividend.

The meeting pointed out that to improve cross-border e-commerce development support policy, expand the scope of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, optimize cross-border e-commerce retail import commodity list, convenient cross-border e-commerce import and export return management, formulate cross-border e-commerce Intellectual Property Protection Guide to prevent counterfeiting and shoddy goods.

  Prior to this, the six sectors of the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "Notice on expanding the import pilot of cross-border e-commerce retail, strict implementation of regulatory requirements", which clearly expands cross-border e-commerce retail pilots to all freedom test districts, cross-border E-commerce sympathizens, comprehensive bonded zones, import trade promotes innovative demonstration zones, bonded logistics centers (Type B), city (and region).

Up to now, my country’s cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area has been expanded from 105, covering 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the country. In addition to policy support, as the main force of cross-border logistics, the orderly opening of Central European class also provides an entity and guarantee for cross-border e-commerce parcels. Since June of this year, China-EU Class has increased the export special train to continue to inject power for cross-border e-commerce.

  On the 25th, after the customs clearance test, 100 standard containers that export cross-border e-commerce goods were loaded from the Shangheban Demonstration Zone Qingdao Multi-Intermuntery Center, and will eventually arrive in Minsk, Belarus. It is the first column of Shandong Province’s first cross-border e-commerce goods.

  On the 23rd, China (Anhui) Free Trade Test Zone Hefei Square in Hefei District, China, China, Outline, is officially shipped, marking the new stage of Hefei cross-border e-commerce industry, Hefei Central European class and cross-border e-commerce cooperation New pace.

  On the 18th, the first China Europe class (Chengdu) cross-border e-commerce B2B export specialized. 50 cabinets with high-value goods such as hardware, automotive diagnostic instruments, starting from Chengdu, galloping more than 9,800 kilometers, is expected to arrive at Poland after 12 days later, the fastest 15 days, goods can reach consumers In hands. On the 7th, Zhejiang Jinhua, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China.

The class is loaded with electronic products, daily necessities, etc. from the exit of Allah, via Poland, Czech, etc., eventually arrived in Budapest, Hungary.

  At the 5th anniversary of the China-European class unified brand, the person in charge introduced that as of June 20th, China-Europe class accumulated a total of 40,000 columns, and the goods were more than 20 billion US dollars, and the 73 operation lines were opened. More than 160 cities in 22 countries in Europe. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

Precision Meteor is rich

  Winter flower shop, a few clusters of red pineapple flowers. Seeing having a guest, the owner Yuan Xiaolin laughed forward. Since I have a business in Longdu, I have a business in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, Yuan Xiaolin is not idle, and now I have incorporated about 20,000 yuan.

  Speaking of the story of the flowering shop, time pulled back 4 years ago.

At this time, Longdu Hua City has just been renovated. Here is a shabby farm, smell, noise.

Implementing the requirements of the Yangtze River Economic Belt "Sharing the Protection, Don’t engage in the development" requirement, Wanzhou District transforms ideas, demolition along the river farm, and develops the flower industry. "The living standard is improved, and the business of the flower store must be good.

"Yuan Xiaolin in foreign workers plans to return to the hometown to start a business, found the head of the flower market Qin Fu Tin," No experience, can I try it? " "Well, let’s help you."

"More than 100 square meters of flower shop opened the industry. The store is easy to spend flowers, Yuan Xiaolin bought the flower, it is always a few days, the business is not good, she is straight.

  Qin Fouting found an experienced flower market owner to Yuan Xiaolin’s "opening small stove". Which flowers are happy, how to make a better look … "Heads here!" Gradually, more and more guests are more. 4 years, Yuan Xiaolin’s facade expanded to 600 square meters. The business is bigger, Yuan Xiaolin shouted from the family’s help.

Big sister Yuan Qin has been working locally. It was originally thinking that it would go back to work a few days. I didn’t think about it. I learned to launch flowers in my little girl. I quickly lost this. "Looking at the little girl’s business is getting more and more red, I also rented a facade and make money together.

Yuan Qin said.

  In order to support the development of flower market, the service contact system in Longdu Sub-district Office, helping companies solve practical difficulties, and convey all preferential policies to shops, and earnestly reduce their merchants. Some merchants who were originally opened outside, and also moved into the city.

"Work together to get rich together.

"Qin Fu Ting said. As the large-scale flower market in the northeastern part of the Northeast, Longdu spent the flourishing of Wanzhou flower industry.

At the moment, there are more than 8,000 people in Wanzhou, and the flower industry has more than 50,000 floral growth. Sales are 100 million yuan.

  The sky is getting darker, Yuan Jia’s sister is discussed back to her family to eat, all the way, the two laughter is constantly. (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Promote the reasonable growth of steady improvement and quantity of economic realization

Just closed central economic work conference summarizes economic work in 2021, analyzes the current economic situation, and deploys 2022 economic work.

The meeting pointed out that while fully affirming achievements, we must see that my country’s economic development is facing demand shrinkage, and the impact is expected to weaken triple pressure.

It is necessary to adhere to the risk challenge, we must adhere to high quality development, promote the reasonable growth of the steady improvement and amount of economic realization, and structural policies should focus on the national economic cycle. The spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference has caused strong repercussions in the people of the party members of our province. Everyone has said that we must resolutely implement the decision-making deployment of the central economic work conference, adhere to the stability, and strive to advance, complete, accurate, and fully implement the new development concept. If you have a reasonable growth of steady improvement and quantity of the economic realization of the economy, promote the peaceful improvement of the economic realization, and make new and greater contributions to the full-scale development of high quality development in Shanxi.

Deepen the structural reform of the supply side, focus on the universal domestic circulation of domestic circulation, which is conducive to forming domestic demand, corporate development, industrial chain upgrades, and the ability to fight international risks.

"The Central Economic Work Conference is proposed to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, focus on the smooth domestic circulation, and focus on breakthrough supply constraints, focus on production, distribution, circulation, and consumption.

"Shen Yufei, chairman of Huayuan Luang Network, Freight Company, said that the national macroeconomic policies have attached great importance to the circulation field, so that our logistics companies are excited. Since the establishment of the September last year, Huayuan Land and Hong Kong Network Freight Company sang national policy opportunities The decision-making deployment of the provincial government "comprehensive acceleration of the modern logistics transformation and development of Shanxi Province" is committed to "promoting the traditional industrial value chain reconstruction, and" network freight " This modern logistics information service technology serves as a starting point, comprehensively serving Shanxi Enterprise’s logistics information transformation, and introduces services to the country.

Shen Yufei said that the company will delve into the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, in accordance with the deployment of the Group’s party committee "innovation and development intelligent greening high-efficiency transportation organization model", vigorously study the law of the market, with technology innovation as a breakthrough, help our province All-round promotion high quality development. After the convening of the Central Economic Work Conference, Jinneng Holding Electricity Group Zuoyun Photoelectric Power Station organized the spirit of the meeting.

The stationmaster Dong Guofei said that the meeting proposed to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, in particular to increase new energy premise, promote coal and new energy optimization portfolio, which made him feel deeply and inspired. Dong Guofei said that as one of the first national photovoltaic demonstration bases in the country, Zuoyun Photo Power Station has used international advanced technology to increase international advanced technology, improve the power efficiency under the complex conditions of mountains, so that The maximum conversion rate of the converter reached 99%, and the three aspects of power generation efficiency, power generation equipment and power generation reached the domestic leading level, and stood at the forefront of advanced technology in photovoltaic power generation. In the future, the power station will continue to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, and continue to develop innovation on the path of new energy development, truly realize the cleaning mode of green power generation. Improve the core competitiveness of manufacturing, implementing industrial infrastructure projects from January to October this year, China’s large-scale industrial, equipment manufacturing growth%, high-tech manufacturing growth%. Manufacturing plays an important role in promoting the economic and social development of our province.

"The Central Economic Work Conference clearly put forward, to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, launch a group of industrial base remedies, inspiring a large number of" special new "enterprises, showing us the direction of advancement." Shanxi motor manufacturing Zhang Wenhe, the party committee, chairman of the company, said that as a domestic motor production backbone enterprise, Shanxi Motor has taken the forefront of the industry in high-efficiency energy-saving motor research and development in recent years. Zhang Wen and said, since this year, the company has obtained many orders in the traditional high-energy consumption enterprises such as metallurgy, coking, glass, cement, and has become a new growth, and the total order of orders from January to November increased from the same period last year. 80%, the export order exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and the 2020 years of the highest year was doubled. Next, we will lead to the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, further increase the development of new product development, continue to enhance energy efficiency, doing fine products, and contribute to national carbon peaks, carbon, and make a company Realization of new spans on the road of high quality development. After carefully studying the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, Wang Linshi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Shanxi Xinhua Anti-chemical Research Institute, and Chairman Wang Lin Lion, who did not easily feel more deeply and firmly in the 2021 economic work. He said that as a state-owned military enterprise, the company should implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, and complete the equipment guarantee task, highlight the key, deep plowing forged civilian product manufacturing Long-playerboard, give full play to the technical advantages of the research institute in the field of activated carbon and catalysts, vigorously develop the environmental protection industry chain of activated carbon as basic materials, accelerate the innovation of new materials, lead the product quality through advanced standards, and do high-performance, high-activated carbon and Anti-chemical environmental protection industry, which is based on activated carbon, promotes the overall protection of protection and environmental protection industries. Accelerate digital transformation, promote traditional industrial upgrading with modern information technology such as Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, flourishing digital economy, digitally has become an important kinetic energy of the modernization of traditional industrial transformation and enhances the modernization of industry chain supply chain. "The Central Economic Work Conference puts forward" to speed up digital transformation, promote the upgrade of traditional industries ", to specify the direction of future advancement, and firmly promote our confidence in high-quality development of enterprises in digitalization, intelligence, and informationization." Shanxi Jianrun Xue Yuhong, general manager of Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., excitedly. The company’s new district project information is in full swing, the key equipment is 100%, and all production lines have reached domestic leading, international advanced levels.

With the new round of integration in the building equipment manufacturing industry, the level of information construction has become an important indicator of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and the full process of manufacturing process is urgent. "Xue Yuhong said, as a leading Shanxi architectural equipment The bench-backed company, the company will promote the development of industrial technology change and optimize upgrade, promote the deep integration of traditional manufacturing and informationization, and strive to create "domestic first-class, international leading" professional building equipment integrated service providers . Today, Jinneng Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group is based on manufacturing, deep tillage, and actively promotes a series of digital, intelligent production lines, and promoting equipment manufacturing industries towards high-end, intelligent, green, clustering, service, and integration. The direction is constantly moving. "The spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference allows us to be encouraged, full." The Group Hua Yue Huayi company machine processing section Chang Lu Fuchun said, "relying on digital construction, the machining section realizes production management and promotion, production tasks, Workpiece drawings, external works, all kinds of dynamic data can be queried, fast feedback through system real-time query.

Make each person in the work section has ‘number’, and the production efficiency of the team will increase by 30%.

"It is reported that the Jinyuan Holding Equipment Manufacturing Group will focus on the" 14th Five-Year Plan "planning strategy of Shanxi Province, with digital, networked, intelligent promotion of traditional equipment manufacturing industries, large equipment, industrial robot, etc. Upgrade, create high-end product manufacturing bases, project incubation center. (Reporter Liu Ruiqiang cold snow Zhang Yi Jin Shui) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.